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Josh & Owen

Owen & Josh

Josh and Owen are brothers.  They are into anime and games and the same kinds of stuff that I love.  They both wanted some headshots to use as they both approach graduating from high school.  Josh (the older brother) wants to get into anime voice acting.  How cool is that?

They both came up with their mom Amy from Massachusetts and we spent the morning making headshots and talking about all the pop-culture stuff I have hanging on the walls here at the studio.  Before they left we got a shot of the two of them together (above)


Both of these guys were great.  We hung a bit to help them relax, but they both photographed fantastically, and I know they were both happy.  Mom even emailed me towards the end of the year to let me know Owen was already saving up for another session down the road.

I can make you look just as good.  I love making clean, clear, crisp headshots.  Consider hiring me if you happen to read this and are thinking about it.  At least come visit me at the studio so we can chat a bit.  That's free :)

Lacy Kay • Musician Session for Hot Mess

Lacy Kay • Musician Session for Hot Mess

I've been developing a relationship with the band HOT MESS over the months, and they were so happy with the work we've done so far that when a new member of the band came into the mix, Jason, the head of Hot Mess, contacted me asking if we could create some new head shots for Lacy, but he also needed one other thing: he wanted a photograph of Lacy in the style of the group shot we did months ago so that she could be inserted into the group photo we had taken months before.

Let's give it a shot.

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