Business Portraits



Lauren had wanted to work with me for many years but it was never the right time until recently when she needed an updated headshot for her business and LinkedIn pages.  But as you can see from the image above,  this session became much more than a headshot session.

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Ed • Headshot Photography Ed came to me by way of a local bank who hired him to be their new branch manager. One the things I love about providing head shot photography is constantly meeting new people; hearing their stories and sharing mine. Ed did a fantastic job and I think this is an excellent shot of him.


Nenna Occasionally I get gigs where I can't show the work; private clients or commercial shoots where part of the contract is they have control over how the images are used.  While I don't provide any less effort for the job, it stings a little when I can't share anything from the production.  But that is how it goes sometimes, and I'm not complaining. The pay is good and I really love working for this particular client.

A few months ago I was hired by a company for a series of head shots on white.  Nenna, pictured above, was an assistant to the project manager on the gig and I'd pass her in the hallway or see her in the room we were setup in and she had such a striking face and her hair was gorgeous.  I kept hoping that I'd be able to photograph her at the end of production, and when I asked if i could grab a portrait of her, she happily said yes.


I can share these two images of Nenna, because they were not part of the hired/contracted job, and because I photographed her after the completion of the hired work.  In this instance, I got full permission from the Project Manager when I asked if I could share these shots of Nenna.

She's absolutely gorgeous.  Such beautiful features.



Drew • Headshots/Business Portraits

Drew • Headshots I've known Drew for a few years now.  He had hired me to photograph the outside of his newly-purchased home all decorated with Christmas lights so he could send some nice images to his mother for the holidays.

When he he needed some new business portraits, he came directly to me.

Drew • Headshots




Mike • Head Shot/Business Portrait Session

Mike • Head Shot/Business Portrait Session

Mike came to me by way of my buddy Jeff.  Mike was looking for an updated Head Shot/Business Portrait, and he met me here at the studio one late afternoon, along with Jeff, and we chatted and make some photographs and when we were done we all went out to grab some good pizza and have some laughs.  This was an exceptionally easy session, because look at Mike - so classy.  Handsome and so easy on the camera.  he just fell right into place during this session.  Almost effortless.

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Strength and Power

Headshots • Client Stories

There is a lot of photography that I don't get to share sometimes that is done for larger companies and corporations.  That is just the nature of the beast.

But I did want to share this image, which I shot back in March of 2016.  It was for a very large company who had  hired me to photograph some of their clients on white, to match up with some video work another company down the hall from me was producing on the same day with the same clients.  These were portraits of survivors of trauma or sickness in one form or another.

When this gorgeous woman stood in front of my camera, she kinda took my breath away; she was really tall, towering over me, and she had this incredible jawline (I have a thing for jawlines - I have a weak chin which is why I have a beard: to cover it up), and as I had her stand straight and look directly at me, there was great strength and power coming from her.  You could feel it.  It was remarkable.

She nailed this in like two shots.  Some people are natural in front of cameras.  Look at that jawline.  Look how the light from the background traces the outline of her jaw.  Crazy powerful.  Crazy strength.  I love this portrait in black & white.  Being exposed to people like this, for however long or shot, is partly why I love photography.

UNH Graduates • LinkedIn/Social Media headshots

Headshot/LinkedIn Portraits • UNH Students

I've been working for a while now with UNH Manchester's campus.  A little while ago, they had me come in and provide headshots for graduating students so they could have a nice, clean, crisp portrait that they could use for LinkedIn and Social Media once they get out into the "real world" and the job market.

I always try to keep it simple in location situations like this.  For these images, I just had two lights setup:  one background light with a set of barn-doors on it to control spill right behind the subject, aimed at the wall so I could blow the wall totally white.  Then I had a light up on a c-stand inside the Westcott 28" Apollosoftbox.  I've used the Apollo for years and years.  The one I have has been through a war, but she still keeps up with the pace.  I bought a replacement back in maybe 2008, but I still haven't taken that out of the box because the original still works like magic.  Then I just adjust my exposure on the fly.

Things are so much easier to move around now that I've got my Rock'n'Roller cart, and having those Seahorse cases help keep everything protected while I'm out in the world working on jobs.

I think it's great that UNH wants to make sure their grads get their feet out the door with a nice, clean headshot from the get-go.

Thanks, UNH, for liking my work :)