corporate photography


Linda • Headshot Photography One of the reasons I like photographing non-model subjects is because I believe that *everyone* can photograph well. You don't have to be a fashion model. You deserve a nice, elegant portrait of yourself.  Linda was looking for an updated headshot for her new website (and new career!) and she really loved what she saw on my website. She was nervous, but as she wrote to me in an email: "You made it fun, and I appreciate that. Thanks again for putting me at ease, and making what I had built up to be a scary experience, fun instead."

Thanks Linda. You rock.




Ed • Headshot Photography Ed came to me by way of a local bank who hired him to be their new branch manager. One the things I love about providing head shot photography is constantly meeting new people; hearing their stories and sharing mine. Ed did a fantastic job and I think this is an excellent shot of him.

One light and a green wall.


A recent head shot from a location shoot for a commercial/corporate client.

The wall she's standing in front of was a soupy pea-green color.  Definitely not the best for color portraits.  But, turn that image black & white, and you've got a fantastic neutral grey wall that your gorgeous subject can stand in front of.

One light.  A wall.  Sometimes all you need is just a tiny space to make really elegant portraits.