vintage look

Dave's Bowler Hat


How can you not love this image?

Dave has been looking for a hat for a while now.  Partly because he wants to find out what kind of hat will fit his head shape, and partly because he's thinking of joining the Cowboy Action Shooting League, and he's working on creating his persona, "Porkchop Chang".

He's been thinking about bowler hats for a while now - because "Oddjob" from the James Bond film had one, and he got to thinking that maybe it would fit his head shape as well.  So when a hat he bought arrived in the mail, I told him to c'mon down to the studio and we'd take some photographs of him wearing it so he could see how it looks on his head.

I did a little post-production on the image to make it feel like it was taken some time ago, back when people wore hats like this out and about.

I think it looks pretty good.  I think the brim of the hat could be a little wider and come out over his ears more, but overall I love the look and shape it gives him.  Plus, I just love hats, so any chance to photograph a friend in a lid is a-ok with me :)