portrait of Todd

Portrait of Todd

I've known Todd since my middle school years.  Sara and I have started going up to a camp he owns with some of my other old school buddies in Pittsburg, New Hampshire.  It's about 12 miles from the Canadian border, so we are way up in Northern New Hampshire.

During one of our weekend visits back in June of 2012, Todd and company took us to a falls located deep in the woods.  I told Todd to stay still in the water for a few quick shots, and knew this was going to make a nice b&w shot.

Pittsburg is gorgeous, and we've been up there for a few extended weekends so far, and I'm really looking forward to making it up there again a few times in 2013.  Long weekends where you just relax, laugh around the camp fire and be with dear friends is what life is all about, and it's important to remember to take that quality time.

Pittsburg NH

(abandoned house, Pittsburg NH)