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Shelly Hudson

Shelly Hudson • Headshots

Shelly Hudson is doing some awesome stuff.  She's the Executive Director of Red River Theatres.  She's an actor and a director.  She directs stage plays.  She's creating a new theater company in the Concord NH area.  She loves movies, and talking about movies, and I love being around her.

Shelly needed a new head shot and we got together at the studio, talked a whole bunch about Mad Max and the Oscars and Academy Awards, and had a bunch of laughs while doing it.

See a few more images from our session together on my Flickr feed HERE.

Your friendly staff at Red River Theatres.

Your friendly staff at Red River Theatres.

I'm so happy to be working with the great people at Red River Theatres in Concord NH.  I've been hoping to work with them for a long time.  They were the awesome people who let me propose to Sara with my Muppet Proposal film.  Since then I've been trying to get my foot in the door.  And, recently, I've been working with them and I absolutely love it.  For all kinds of reasons.

We took some head shots for the employees of Red River for their new website.

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