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Melissa • Headshot Melissa is married to one of my oldest friends since middle school.  A few times a year my wife and I go up to a camp they have near the Canadian border and we spend three or four days just hanging out, laughing, eating and keeping the friendships strong. Years ago I photographed Melissa and Mike during one of our trips up North.

Melissa is the HR manager for Coca-Cola of Northern New England, and while she was here, we made a few images that shared her enjoyment of the product she represents:

Melissa • Headshot



Mark • Headshot Mark came to me by way of his wife, Julie, whom I did an extensive session with for her latest album "Rising - a Modern Cantata for the World to Come" (which I'll be blogging about soon).  Mark needed some new head shots that would be used for his companies website.

Mark • Headshot

Julie came along for the session, and before they left, I made sure we photographed the two of them together.

Mark & Julie

Jake • Headshot

Jake • Headshot

This is Jake.  He contacted me looking for a clean head shot that he could use for a few different purposes; social media, work, and for print.  He was going to be speaking to some groups and wanted something nice that they could use for print announcement materials.

Ryan also said some magic words during our session:

"When I was looking for head shots online, I came to your website.  You were more than I had originally budgeted for, but when I saw your work, I knew it was worth it."

I dream for clients like that.  Thanks, Ryan.