muppet proposal


I LOVE the gang at Red River Theatres.  Seven years ago (!!!) they let this bearded fat dude show a mini-film with muppets to propose to his wife. And it went a little crazy afterwards, and every step of the way everyone up there has been close to my heart. I can never thank them enough for everything they did.

This year marks their 10th Birthday! I couldn't make it up to their birthday festivities, but Muppet Sid wanted to let them know that there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't think about them.

Happy Birthday, RRT.  We love you all. I hope you are around for a long, long, long time, exposing people to quality independent cinema.


Muppet Sid sees "The Muppets", says "BEST MOVIE EVAR!!!", tries to climb into movie screen.

Muppet Sid sees

"The Muppets" has finally hit theaters. Despite not being given a cameo in the film, Muppet Sid, pictured here outside a local theater posing with the theatrical poster, absolutely loved the film. He spent half the time trying to jump into the screen, and the other half shaking in joy. When asked what his favorite part was, he yelled "MUPPETS MUPPETS MUPPETS MUPPETS!!!!!" repeatedly.

This is the best Muppet film since "Muppets Take Manhattan" from 1984. Welcome back, Muppets.