Mike on Diamond Peak, Pittsburg NH

Mike I've known Mike since I was in middle school.  He's been one of my longest lasting friends, and once or twice a year we try to make it up to a camp that Mike shares with some other good friends of mine in up near the Canadian border in Pittsburg NH.  We spend the weekend laughing and enjoying each others company - what good friends who have known each other for a lifetime are supposed to do.

This was taken during a little off-road excursion driving to the top of Diamond Peak in Pittsburg.  Everyone was wondering around the top of the mountain, and Mike was resting against his truck.   I took out the X100s and started moving around the the other side of the truck and found this composition where the back window of his truck reflected the tree line in the distance.

Mike was wearing a dark colored sweatshirt and the reflection spread over to his body.

It's a great shot, and I especially love how you can see his face in his side-view mirror.  It's got all kinds of things going on visually, so your eyeballs move around the picture.

Mike's a dear friend.  He's worth making some good portraits of.