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Aaron Draplin • DDC

Aaron Draplin • DDC

Aaron is currently the hottest thing in the world of design.  You might have seen his book.  You've very probably seen some of his work, somewhere.  You might even jot notes down in his Field Notes branded notebooks.  I've been a big fan of his work for a while now, and when my wife Sara told me she booked him for an appearance at NHIA as part of his cross-country tour, I knew I had to make a portrait of him.

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Vagabond Mini Lithium

File this in the "I'm-totally-late-to-the-Vagabond-Mini" party:  After lugging around the original, 22lb monster that was the original Vagabond, I recently came across a good deal on a lightly used Vagabond Mini Lithium, and, man, where has it been all my life?  I've done lots and lots of location shoots using small portable speedlights (heck, I teach a whole workshop around using minimal, small gear) but this little sucker weighs next-to-nothing, and it allows me to get a studio light out on location for a little more power if/when I need it.

The only negative is that the enclosed mounting bracket that Paul Buff includes is pretty wonky and doesn't feel very secure, so I went ahead and picked up a Vagabond Bracket (thanks to Bud Thorpe of the SOPHA for telling me about it) and this sucker is robust and excellently made.  It works along with a Super Clamp and I can attach the Vagabond right to the bottom of my c-stand when working with it.

and a kinda-small shot of it being used on location:

I'll still use small lights when I can, and I always have at least 1 speedlight in my bags at all times, but with bigger jobs where I need more power, this little thing is fantastic.

Thanks, Vagabond Mini Lithium, for making stuff easier to do! :)


(not a paid endorsement - this is stuff I buy with my own cabbage and run it through it's paces. If it's cool I like to share it with others)