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Fever Pitch • North Main Music

Fever Pitch (North Main Music)

Fever Pitch is an acapella group formed by students of North Main Music.  They needed some promotional photography that would be used on their website and for press releases for print, and Mike, the owner of North Main Music brought the gang by the studio one evening so we could create some photography for them.  Mike is a great guy, and I'm happy that he's hired me in the past for some of their photography needs.

I wanted to do a simple session on white, so that they could crop or extended the images as needed for posters and other various sized print materials.

Mike grabbed a shot of me while I played human-jenga and positioned the group:

If you get a chance to check them out locally, catch them singing.  It's good stuff.  And make sure you swing by North Main Music, especially if you are thinking about taking classes, or giving the gift of a class to someone important to you.