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Obsessive Compulsive: My Amelie Collection from around the World

Amelie dvd/blu-ray Worldwide Collection
(L to R: Kimchi blu-ray box set, Japanese Tin edition box set, European Cookie Tin edition box set, French Canadian edition box set)


I can't explain why people collect certain things. Some people collect comics, some stamps, some coins, some collect video games, or art, or cameras (and I must admit, I love my collections of video games and movies and toys and art and cameras and all those other things I obsess over).

One of my favorite movies is "Amelie" by director Jean Pierre Junet. He also directed "Delicatessen" and "The City of Lost Children", which I love, but when Amelie came out in 2001, it was a love that I can't explain. Every moment of that film I simply have immense love for. I saw it many times in the theater. I brought friends to see it. It just affected me in some strange way.  The movie is a valentine to movies.  It remains one of my favorite films.

For some reason, I became very obsessive with collecting the movie when it came out on DVD. There are certain movies I'll buy on multiple formats when they come out (vhs to Laserdisc to DVD to blu-ray; the common "upgrade"), but the second I discovered that there were "deluxe" editions of Amelie released all over the world, I simply had to collect them.

Since 2001 I've slowly collected every deluxe edition of Amelie that has been released; from a European Cookie Tin edition, to a French-Canadian release, to the elusive Japanese tin edition, and, just today, a Chinese blu-ray edition just arrived to add to my collection.  I love them because they come with all kinds of neat things; postcards from the traveling gnome, skipping stones, posters, mini-figures, etc.  It is a plethora of Amelie-related stuff.  I love it.


So I took some photos of the small collection and documented the contents inside.  You can see all of them on my Flickr set.

Part of me hates being so materialistic about things; movies and comics and toys and music and photo gear - it's a sinkhole and it's endless.  Yet, another part of me loves *stuff*, and if these collections bring me joy and don't cause any pain or trouble, then so much the better.