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Lauren had wanted to work with me for many years but it was never the right time until recently when she needed an updated headshot for her business and LinkedIn pages.  But as you can see from the image above,  this session became much more than a headshot session.

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Nenna Occasionally I get gigs where I can't show the work; private clients or commercial shoots where part of the contract is they have control over how the images are used.  While I don't provide any less effort for the job, it stings a little when I can't share anything from the production.  But that is how it goes sometimes, and I'm not complaining. The pay is good and I really love working for this particular client.

A few months ago I was hired by a company for a series of head shots on white.  Nenna, pictured above, was an assistant to the project manager on the gig and I'd pass her in the hallway or see her in the room we were setup in and she had such a striking face and her hair was gorgeous.  I kept hoping that I'd be able to photograph her at the end of production, and when I asked if i could grab a portrait of her, she happily said yes.


I can share these two images of Nenna, because they were not part of the hired/contracted job, and because I photographed her after the completion of the hired work.  In this instance, I got full permission from the Project Manager when I asked if I could share these shots of Nenna.

She's absolutely gorgeous.  Such beautiful features.



UNH Manchester Students!

UNH Manchester Student Headshots I've been working with UNH Manchester since 2014 (wow! time flies!) and they give me a call whenever they need some students photographed in either a traditional "portrait" setting, or more loose "interaction" shots to help populate their website and merchandising materials and brochures.  It's been really great getting to know the students who I see year after year.

Here are some examples of some head shots I created for a handful of students a while back.  Sometimes we don't have the best location, or we get rained out, so a simple black & white conversion usually gets rid of the color and makes a nice, clean shot.


UNH Manchester Student Headshots

UNH Manchester Student Headshots

UNH Manchester Student Headshots

Zitong Zheng • Headshot

Zitong Zheng Zitong comes to me from the Boston area.  He was recently part of an international piano competition, and he needed a ‪headshot‬ created that was going to be used for their program.

This was Zitong's first time in front of a camera in a professional manner. He's a natural! So relaxed!  He really liked some of the examples I had on my headshot page with a grey, neutral background.  He specifically requested it.

The tones in this shot are gorgeous.  I love his slightly reflective tie.  And the texture in his shirt is fantastic.

And those cheekbones.  Seriously.  SRSLY.