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Weather McNabb • Cubicle Zombie

Weather McNabb • Cubicle Zombie

Cubicle Zombies and war paint and time machines. Since 2012 Weather Mcnabb and I have been trying to work together. In 2018 we finally got to create images for her 5 song EP “Cubicle Zombie”

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Hannah Sanders: fROOTS album review

fRoots Magazine UK • Hannah Sanders

Hannah Sanders continues garnering acclaim for her debut solo album "Charms Against Sorrow" which I photographed and designed late last year. Leading UK folk magazine fROOTS just featured a review of Hannah's album, and generously giving the photography a paragraph of mention:

"The visuals, I comment are very striking."

"I'm very moved by how photography describes time - it shares a place with traditional song in many ways. I had the pleasure of working with great photographic artist Sid Ceaser. Sid and I decided on something really direct and honest for the album, and I think he captured it."

"Direct, empowered, Hannah stares out from the cover of Charms with an almost tangible mixture of determination and steel, it's the sort of cover you can't ignore."

Thanks to Simon Jones of fROOTS for mentioning the artwork. I love that this album is being listened to and seen all over the world.