Blind Cowboy

The Dead Equine

A while back I had posted some images I created of The Blind Cowboy; a fantastic 1/6th scale figure by ThreeA Toys.  He was originally what got me thinking non-stop about ThreeA figures.  He usually comes packaged with the Dead Equine; a giant 2o-pound horse sculpted out of polystone, and it was only available for an extremely limited time and a very expensive price.  Some people, however, like to buy ThreeA items, split up the contents, and then resell them; this was how I ended up purchasing the Blind Cowboy.  I didn't think I'd ever be able to purchase a Dead Equine, but the image of that horse was burned in my brain. A short while ago, I actually found someone that was selling just the Dead Equine without the Blind Cowboy.

...and now my Blind Cowboy/Dead Equine set is complete.

It was actually fortuitous, as the Dead Equine I purchased was literally everything that comes with the retail version *except* the Blind Cowboy.  So it's a complete set!  How awesome!

The box that the Equine comes in is HUGE.  You can't see it by this picture, but it's massively large.  I bet Sara could sit inside the box it comes it.  It also comes with a gorgeous fold-out poster featuring the artwork from the cover.

I'll be doing more formal photographs once it gets warmer outside, but right after I got him I broke out the fog machine and played around a little bit.

This is the one toy/collectible where Sara supported my purchase 100%.  When it finally arrived, she said "This is a work of art.  This is a sculpture."

It's so amazing.  Prints of my Blind Cowboy portraits are available on my Society6 page starting at $20.

ThreeA: Blind Cowboy

ThreeA: Blind Cowboy

Y'know, I had told myself that I was going to stop at two of the figures that ThreeA makes.  Just two.  I wasn't going to be tempted by any others.

Yeah, well...

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