Hippo Best Of 2016 • Portraits

Hippo Best Of 2016 • Portraits

I've been working with The Hippo for years now.  It makes me happy when each year they reach out to me to photograph for their glossy "Best Of" magazine.   Hippo's Best Of asks readers each year to tell them all of their favorite places and businesses in Southern New Hampshire.  In the past, when the magazine focused more on personalities, I was proud to have my name mentioned five years in a row.  The last few years however, the magazine has restructured it's format and is now more of a "travel guide" to help visitors locate new places that they might not have heard of before.

For 2016, I wanted to make sure I took portraits of the people who ran the venues I was assigned to photograph, and I wanted to share some of those people in this post.

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Holy Crap! I'm now a contributing writer to DEDPXL!


Holy.  Crap.  holycrapholycrapholycrapholycrap.

A few weeks ago I left a comment on one of Photographer Zack Arias' blog posts over at his DEDPXL website.  It inspired him.  So much so he took what I wrote and turned that into a post about inspiration.  Totally awesome.  I commented a few times in that post, and soon after, Zack emailed me asking me if I'd consider becoming a monthly contributor to DEDPXL.

After I finished staring at my email with my mouth agape, I told him YES I WOULD BE HONORED TO BE PART OF DEDPXL!

One comment.  Well, it took 10 years to lead up to that one comment and suddenly I was put on Zack's radar.  And he felt I have enough to talk about that he wants me to be part of his world.  Crazy?  Absolutely.  And totally awesome.  And really scary.  But totally awesome.

My first post is going up in a few minutes.  Scary.

This absolutely proves that you never know who is watching/reading/listening.  One minute you are doing your laundry and leaving a comment on someone's blog.  The next you are sharing an adventure.  This is an adventure I absolutely want to be part of.

To those who are visiting my website courtesy of DEDPXL: HELLO!!!

Featured on Westcott's "Westcott University" website

Westcott University • Sid Ceaser's Favorite Modifier  

I'm happy to be featured at Westcott's "Westcott University" website.  They contacted me a few weeks ago after catching wind of my blog post from a few years back talking about how the Apollo Softboxes are my favorite lighting modifier, and they asked if they could share some of my work on their website.


The first post went up the week before Christmas, and I'd like to welcome those who are visiting the website and blog from the Westcott links.  Hi!

You can view the feature by clicking here.





Tintype WPPI Blog Mention

Howdy, WPPI members and readers!

Looks like WPPI read the article over at PetaPixel a few weeks ago and mentioned our Tintype Wedding portraits by Yige Wang in their own blog post talking about wet-plate and tintype photography being used for contemporary weddings.  Woo!

Greetings to anyone that clicked through that link and found themselves here!  Hiya!

Check it out HERE

Hippo Best of 2013

Hippo Best Of 2013 Magazine

I was privileged to once again work with the great folks at the Hippo for this years 2013 "Best Of" issue.  The yearly Best Of is where readers vote or write in for their favorite local establishments and people in the Southern New Hampshire area.  What I dig most about it is being able to travel around with the Hippo Editor and meet the local winners.

I was once again a recipient of a Hippo award for 2013:  Best Visual Artist • Best of the Best.  For the past four years I've been voted in either the "Best of the Best" or the "Runner Up" category and I'm so excited that people are taking the time to write my name down on the ballet; I hope it means people respond to my work.

Barber stool, Lucky's Barbershop
Josh Craggy • Owner, Barber at Lucky's Barbershop

We covered a lot of locations this year, but the one I had the most fun photographing was Lucky's Barbershop in Concord NH.  These guys rule.  Everything about them and their barbershop just oozed coolness; from the rockabilly playing on the stereo to the vintage signs hanging on the walls.  I was also really impressed that none of the barbers rush through the cuts.  They take their time and really chat up with the people coming in for a haircut.  I'm actually hoping to get up there eventually and treat myself to a straight razor shave and one of their fantastic cuts - just so I can feel how a real traditional barber joint does it.

To read this years Best Of issue: click here

and head up to Lucky's and let them pamper you with a close shave and a great cut.

Lucky's Barbershop
Lucky's Barbershop
Lucky's Barbershop
The Hippo Best Of 2013
The Hippo Best Of 2013

Some winners from the hippo's best of 2012 awards

Nick Lavallee

(Nick Lavalee, Comic)

For this year's "BEST OF 2012" magazine by the Hippo, I had some of the winners come to the studio for some head shots.  Here are some of the winners and the head shots that appeared in the BEST OF magazine which hit newsstands in May

Natalie Turgeon

(Natalie Turgeon, Singer, The Natalie Turgeon Band)

Scott Bulger

(Scott Bulger, Photographer)

Alli Beaudry

(Allie Beaudry, Singer/Songwriter)

To see more portraits of some of the winners, check out this small set.

Also, pick up the glossy full color BEST OF 2012 magazine, at newsstands where ever the Hippo can be found.

Best Visual Artist Runner Up 2012 by the Readers of the Hippo & portraits of selected winners!

Hippo Best Of 2012: Best Visual Artist - Runner Up

Holy Cow!  For the third year straight I've won an award from the Hippo's "Best Of" reader poll.

This year I was voted "Best Visual Artist - Runner Up" by the readers!

Thank you to those that write my name in each year.  I don't know who you are, but it helps me get out of the winter funk that I seem to fall into every year.  It helps reassure me that while things seem tough and dismal, people are seeing my work, and liking it.  So for that, thank you.

This years glossy Best Of magazine hit newsstands back in May.  If you live in the Nashua or Southern NH area, you might be able to find the magazine wherever you find free copies of the Hippo.