Album Design

Low Lily

Low Lily

I’ve known Liz Simmons for close to a decade. When it was time to create images for her newest album release with her band Low Lily, she got in touch.

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Lacy Kay • Musician Session for Hot Mess

Lacy Kay • Musician Session for Hot Mess

I've been developing a relationship with the band HOT MESS over the months, and they were so happy with the work we've done so far that when a new member of the band came into the mix, Jason, the head of Hot Mess, contacted me asking if we could create some new head shots for Lacy, but he also needed one other thing: he wanted a photograph of Lacy in the style of the group shot we did months ago so that she could be inserted into the group photo we had taken months before.

Let's give it a shot.

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Tim Paul Weiner

Tim Paul Weiner

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tim Paul Weiner.

Tim is a bass player, employee of Berklee College of Music, and member of HOT MESS.  Remember them?  We also have a mutual friend, Elise MacDonald, former owner of Studio 99, who introduced us.  Tim liked working with me when we created some images for Hot Mess, so he booked a solo session with me.  He needed images for a revamped website.  I love working with musicians, and with Tim, it was so easy since we had already worked on the Hot Mess session together.

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Hannah Sanders: fROOTS album review

fRoots Magazine UK • Hannah Sanders

Hannah Sanders continues garnering acclaim for her debut solo album "Charms Against Sorrow" which I photographed and designed late last year. Leading UK folk magazine fROOTS just featured a review of Hannah's album, and generously giving the photography a paragraph of mention:

"The visuals, I comment are very striking."

"I'm very moved by how photography describes time - it shares a place with traditional song in many ways. I had the pleasure of working with great photographic artist Sid Ceaser. Sid and I decided on something really direct and honest for the album, and I think he captured it."

"Direct, empowered, Hannah stares out from the cover of Charms with an almost tangible mixture of determination and steel, it's the sort of cover you can't ignore."

Thanks to Simon Jones of fROOTS for mentioning the artwork. I love that this album is being listened to and seen all over the world.

Hannah Sanders!

Hannah Sanders!

In celebration of Hannah's new album hitting streets in a few weeks:

I've worked with Folk musician/ singer/songwriter Hannah Sanders a few times now.  I enjoy being in Hannah's company; we have the same type of humor and I love laughing with her and listening to her British accent.  She moved back to the U.K. a few years ago, but in August 2014 she came back to the States for come concert dates and she wanted to get together and create some new images for her forthcoming album and promotional images. 

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Vintage Camera Box Promo Images

Retro Polaroid Promotional

I love old, vintage, product boxes.

Old advertising, old boxes, old packaging - I love it.  I love the simplistic design.  So elegant.

Someone sent me this old Polaroid box in the mail because I wanted to scan it in and print it out to hang on my wall.  Then I started toying with the idea of taking the design elements and making them into business promo's for my photography.  It seemed like a fun idea to try, so I spent an afternoon scanning old camera-related boxes and turning them as closely as I could into promo pieces that I could use to mail to companies and places I'd like to work with.  A kind of elbow-in-the-ribs private in-joke to those who see it.  Maybe some will get it and laugh.  Maybe some won't understand.

Retro Fujifilm Promotional

Fujifilm box

Retro Kodak Promotional

Kodak film box

Impossible Promotional

Impossible Project box.  Yeah, this one isn't vintage, but I love the nod to the Polaroid colors it uses.  and I love that SCP font; all nice and thin and long.

I don't know if I'll actually print these and send them out, but I thought they came out pretty cool.  Definitely fun.  And that is the most important thing.  Fun.  Humor.  Good times.