new sheriff in town


At the start of 2006 I had finally saved up enough to by the Canon 5D - a full frame digital SLR camera that has been an absolute powerhouse of a camera and still is to this day.  Over the last seven years, everything I've shot has been on that camera.  It's gorgeous film-like grain at high ISO's and it's resolution count; it's a benchmark camera in the line of Canon digital cameras.

I've tried very hard over the years to not get sucked into constantly upgrading to new cameras over and over.  I figured after seven years (and no problems I might add) it was time to make an upgrade, but still stick with the 5D line of cameras.

Enter the 5D Mark II.

I actually got this recently despite it being "old" (the MkII was released in 2008) because it does exactly what I need it to do; provide a higher resolution count and it still has the same amazing film-like grain at high ISO.  At 22 megapixels, this camera has enough resolution for anything needed, and will pretty much be my final digital SLR purchase.

That said, I'm still using my original 5D, and love it.  I'm having a hard time switching over to the Mk II.  There isn't anything that 5D can't do.  And the fact that you can now get it second hand for around $600 is an absolute steal.

What's next, you ask?  I think my next step is to start saving up for a digital back for my Hasselblad.  But that won't be for years and years and years.  :)