The Portable Portrait Workshop :: May 22nd 2010

The Portable Portrait Workshop :: 05.22.10

I just had the second Portable Portrait workshop of June last weekend, and it turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day for doing some location shooting

On Saturday June 22nd I held another Portable Portrait workshop out of my studio in Nashua NH.  The weather was absolutely beautiful outside and gave us the chance to shoot in multiple locations with our model of the day, Vanessa.


I'm get really jazzed up when you see that moment where it *clicks* for the student; the moment when they start to figure out their manual settings and start thinking through their shooting, troubleshooting on the fly and coming up with the answers without having to go into an auto mode on their camera or their flashes.

For me, that is what the whole workshop is about - learning your settings.  Learning how to tell the camera what you want, and now letting the camera tell you what it thinks you need.  This is why we shoot everything in manual at the workshop - I want people to understand what they are doing and why they need to make those adjustments.


I think the students left with a bunch of great images that they normally wouldn't get a chance to shoot, and I hope it put them on the starting path of not being afraid of their flashes and gear.  I'm looking forward to seeing what they decide to share with me in the coming weeks.

The Portable Portrait Workshop :: 05.22.10
The Portable Portrait Workshop :: 05.22.10
The Portable Portrait Workshop :: 05.22.10
Behind the Scenes: May 22 Portable Portrait Workshop

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Cheers, Sid