Nick Lavallee as Paul

Paul's Laserdisc Collection (sample image)

How can you not love comedian Nick Lavallee?

I've known comedian Nick Lavallee for what seems like decades.  I met him in the late 90's when I was working music retail at a local Newbury Comics and he used to come in to shop and talk with the employees.  He used to be in a great punk band called "5 Bucks" and now he's becoming comedian with the success of some Youtube created comedy videos.  He's been traveling around the US hitting up comedy clubs.  Famous ones.  He's been busting his butt and traveling down his own path.  He's a funny guy.  He's a down to earth guy.  He's on to something.  One of his characters is "Paul" who collects Laserdiscs and writes songs about them.  Basically, Paul is me, since I have stacks of Laserdiscs still of movies I haven't upgraded to DVD (or Blu-ray, the cycle continues. . .)

A while back I worked with Nick on the cover for an upcoming vinyl (!!!) EP he was releasing under the disguise of one of his internet video characters.  "Paul" is a fan of the Ghostbusters and this song accompanies a video where Paul gets to be in a video with the NH Ghostbuster troupe.  Very cool.

I grabbed a box of my laserdiscs (because I'm just as much of a nerd as Paul, I'm proud to say) and we did a simple setup on white that would be used for the front and back of the vinyl jacket.

Here is Nick in full-on Paul mode.  Awesome stuff.

Here are some shots of the finished product:

Nick Lavallee as

Go give Nick your love.  Or whichever character he is at the moment.