The Portable Portrait Workshop :: May 8th

Jen :: The Portable Portrait Workshop May 8

The first Portable Portrait Workshop out of my studio took place on Saturday, May 8th 2010.   We had a great group of attendees, and crazy weather conditions

Rob :: The Portable Portrait Workshop May 8

The best way do describe the weather is as such:  Rain.  Sun.  Rain.  Sun.  Rain.  Sun.  Rain.  Sun.  Drizzle.  Clouds.  Sun.  Drizzle.

It was pretty crazy - every time we hauled gear outside and setup, it would start raining.  So, we'd break the gear down and head back inside.  As soon as we'd get some setups going, the clouds would part, and sun would shine down.  Then we'd break gear down, head outside, set up, and as soon as I'd take the first test shot, it would start raining again.

Clearly, Mother Nature was toying with me.  Considering the entire week previously was absolutely GORGEOUS outside, and the very next day after the workshop was gorgeous as well.

Very funny Mother Nature.  I'm not laughing. :)

Overall we had a great workshop - we shot until the sun went down, and I think everyone went home with images that they otherwise wouldn't normally get to shoot.  I'll toss up some links when I start receiving images from the workshop students.

Rob :: The Portable Portrait Workshop May 8

The next workshop, which is on May 22nd is filled.  There are some spots still open for the June 12th workshop, as well as future dates posted on the website.

If you are looking to get your feet wet with off-camera flash, this is an excellent starter course for you.  We get outside on location and start shooting (well, when it isn't raining!).

I hope to see you at one of the workshops.

Cheers, Sid