Childhood favorites: Gaiking


I'm going to start trying to make occasional posts called "Childhood Favorites"; things that used to excite me when I was a little kid; toys, or books, or comics or other things that used to expand my creativity and interests as a kid.

First up is this Revoltech figure of 1970-80's Mech character Gaiking.  He was part of a morning animation series called "Force Five" where they took five different Japanese robot cartoons and make it into a serialized show.  Others in the series were the Starvengers (Getter Robo), the Spacekeeters, Danguard Ace, Grandizer, and Gaiking.  It was usually shown right after the "Starblazers" series, and as a little kid it would show in the mornings before I went to school.  I can remember spending an hour each morning with my father as we would watch these shows, and my love for Japanese anime was from watching Starblazers and Force Five.

I've had this Gaiking Revoltech figure for some years now, and even used him along with another robot for my Christmas cards back in 2007: