13 Questions: Sid Ceaser • Nashua Telegraph

13 Questions: Sid Ceaser • The Nashua Telegraph's Encore

The Nashua Telegraph recently started a weekly arts column where artists are asked the same 13 questions and allowed to answer.

This week, I got to answer the Encore's 13 questions in print and online.

read it online here or read the answers after the cut

YOUR NAME: Sid Ceaser.

YOUR WEBSITE:www.ceaserphotography.com.

WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: I grew up in Merrimack. I now reside and work in Nashua.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE? My photographic style is clean, crisp and compelling. I strive for elegant simplicity without using lots of visual clutter or over-process images.

WHAT IS YOUR TECHNIQUE? Photographically speaking, being raised on film photography, my technique is to get as much in-camera as possible to avoid lots of postproduction on the computer afterward. I shoot as if I was shooting film, taking the time to think about things like line, tone, texture, shape, composition and other elements from the fundamentals of art.

Being proficient in both artificial lighting and natural lighting makes me a more well-rounded craftsmen.

WHY ART? Creative expression is the only thing that makes sense for me. Some people can only express themselves through specific outlets. That might be writing or computer programing or being a chef or building a house. For me, creating by means of photographs is a way to express what I’m feeling and how I see the world.

Art, to me, is a fundamental need.

HOW HAS YOUR ARTWORK DEVELOPED OVER TIME? Art and the act of creation is a never-ending act of evolution and progress. It isn’t until years and years later when you can step back and objectively analyze one’s own work; seeing small ideas that evolve from one project to another.

Development can take place in small steps. Sometimes you don’t see it until time has passed and you look objectively at the greater scheme of things.

My work has developed in that I can see something improving, yet I’m still far, far away from where I want my work to be.

WHERE HAVE YOU FOUND YOUR GREATEST INSPIRATION AS AN ARTIST? Pop culture plays heavily in my creative process. I love music and other forms of creative artistic expression. I love movies and film. I love comic books and animation. I love toys, and puppets and video games. Each of these things, in their own ways, can inspire me and instill me with new ideas.

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE PIECE? WHY? My favorite thing isn’t a photograph of mine, but it’s a short video I created with puppets to propose to my wife. I really felt like I was making “art” when that was done.

WHAT ARE THE PRIMARY IDEAS YOU HOPE TO EXPRESS IN YOUR WORK? In my commercial work, I try to instill touches of “fine art” to my compositions and photographs. I feel there is a great sense of “person” in my work.

Working with people to create a good photograph is an organic, give-and-take process between the photographer and the client. They need to be just as involved as me so that we both can create something that turns it into a truly successful photograph.

I try to implement fundamental techniques of my craft and work with the subject so that the photograph has a “soul,” so to speak. I want my work to be simple, yet elegant and expertly crafted.

WHAT IS THE ROLE OF ART IN THE COMMUNITY? Art is a form of creative expression. Some people can only express their feelings in creative ways – through drawing, painting, dancing, acting, etc. These forms of expression need to be supported so that these voices can be heard and seen and experienced.

The role of art in the community is to help us remember we are human, with the ability to create things out of words or colors or fabrics or movement.

WHAT HAVE BEEN SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE VENUES? I love museums. They are buildings dedicated to the preservation of creative expression and utilitarian purposes.

I love art galleries for their desire to share new and old art with everyone who visits.

I love places that preserve and promote and try to unite with art.

WHAT HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN YOUR EXPERIENCE AS AN ARTIST? Commercial art and “fine art” can be two very polarizing things. I would love to see more artists become commercially successful so they can support themselves through their creative expression. Those devoted to more “fine art” who wish to sell their works need to be more dedicated to learning business so they can understand marketing and how to promote their works.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT WORKING IN NEW HAMPSHIRE? Nashua has a strong undercurrent of creatives all looking to show their works with the city. I love the growing support that Nashua is getting so that these artists can be found easier.

The Nashua Arts Council is a fantastic start to showcasing all the creative talent in this city, to get more people familiar with just how many artists live here and to get artists on their radar.

I love that we have things like Art Walk, which helps get traffic into artist studios.

I love the state because of its seasons, which always feels like a recharge every three months.

ANY ADVICE FOR ASPIRING ARTISTS? Create. Never stop creating. Find that one thing you are really passionate about and do it. Do it all the time. Never stop doing it.

Push yourself constantly. Evolve. Find your niche and create, create, create. Take constructive criticism. Ignore the haters. You don’t have to please everyone. Remember that the only person you really have to please is yourself.

Create work that makes you feel. Makes you cry. Share everything you do, and don’t be afraid to do so. Let your work share how you feel.

Take business classes, learn how to market if you choose to sell your work. Network with other artists. Go to lots of museums and galleries. Give yourself assignments.

Most important: Be nice.

“13” is a weekly feature that spotlights local and visual artists in their own words by asking them 13 questions. To participate in “13,” email Donna Roberson at droberson@nashuatelegraph.com.