The Portable Portrait Workshop :: April 17th 2010

The Portable Portrait Workshop: April 17 2010

The first Portable Portrait Workshop of 2010 took place on Saturday, April 17th at the New Hampshire Institute of Art.  Mother nature decided to cloud the skies and drop rain on us most of the day, but we were able to find some indoor locations (and props!) to help aid us in the example that when you are working with minimal gear, the only limitation you have is your own creativity.

The Portable Portrait Workshop: April 17 2010

We were able to start out in one outside location with an overhang, then we moved to two other locations inside to help us learn how to balance off-camera strobe with ambient light to help us with our overall image exposure.

The Portable Portrait Workshop: April 17 2010

This workshop features everyone using both their cameras and their off-camera flashes in manual mode.  We are learning how to adjust our settings, and to understand why and when we need to change out settings to balance out correct exposure.

Once again, the lovely Vanessa joined us for the workshop.

The fact that we have such minimal gear helps us use any location as a portrait location.  All you need is a small space to insert some light and a subject into, and find your composition.

I'd like to extend a big thank you to  Glass and Gear, who are our sponsors this year by loaning us portable speedlight kits during the workshops.  This gives attendees a chance to rent the very same kits they used at the workshop at extremely affordable prices.

Next up:  Workshops in May out of my studio here in Nashua NH.  Both of the May workshops are filled, but there are more dates for the rest of the year up on the  dates page at the workshop website.

Thanks to everyone that attended this weekend.  I'm hoping I'll be able to see their results as they post them to the Portable Portrait Workshop Flickr group page.

To see more examples of images from the workshops, click here

Cheers, Sid