The Portable Portrait Workshop: NEW DATES ADDED!

The first two Portable Portrait Workshop dates out of my personal photography studio here in Nashua have sold out! I've gone ahead and created dates for June 2010 through October 2010.  I'm starting with one workshop a month.  If each workshop fills quickly, I'll plan on adding a second date of each month (usually two weeks after the first date).

If you wanted to take the workshop in May but didn't make it in time, make sure you take a spin over to the Workshop website and check the dates.


2011 Portable Portrait Workshop Field Guide

The workshop Field Guides just came back from the printers and they look great.  The guide is a new smaller format from what students received at the workshop last year.  I've also created a few t-shirts for myself, so I can pimp the workshop while I'm out-and-about.  If they generate enough interest I could always print some up on order.  I wanted to go with the "Please No Flash Photography" slogan for a sense of comedic irony.

Cheers, Sid