NH Love Stories: Sid & Sara, New Hampshire Magazine, February 2012

NH Love Stories: Sid and Sara, New Hampshire Magazine Feb 2012

The February 2012 New Hampshire Magazine features a lovely feature on local love stories in the state. NH Magazine contacted us last month asking if we'd be interested in partaking in their article. Of course we would!

We got to meet with NH Magazine photographer John Hession at the Red River Theatre, where the whole proposal took place and got to revisit the moment and had a blast spending the morning with him.

NH Magazine Muppets

Muppet Sid and Muppet Sara were excited when I brought home the print edition!  Here they are showing off they there were in the magazine :)

The online article is here: www.nhmagazine.com/home/948327-101/nh-love-stories-sid-an... or pick up a copy of the magazine which is available now!

Cheers, Sid