The Muppet Wedding/Honeymoon

After many months of filming and editing, I dedicate this to everyone around the world who asked for the continuation after the Muppet Proposal.  This is for all of you, from me. <3

A little over a year ago, I came up with an idea on how to propose to my long time girlfriend, Sara. As a huge fan of the Muppets and having real love for Jim Henson, as well as always having made little movies with puppets and toys since childhood, proposing by making a movie trailer with Muppet versions of ourselves comes as no surprise to those who grew up with me.

When the event finally took place (flawlessly, I might add) we had no idea it would go viral. I figured family would see it, and that would be the end of it. What took place over the last year has been crazy and magical.

Sara and I have received lots of emails over the last year asking if there was going to be a "Muppet Wedding" video. Since we got so many emails and requests, we decided it would be fun to make a video that combines Muppet Sara and Muppet Sid getting married as well as their honeymoon vacation to Acadia National Park.

This video is dedicated to all of you. For everyone that has emailed or left comments asking to see the next step in the lives of our Muppets. These two little Muppets have been impossible for me to put down now that I have them - I find myself making up excuses to put them on and make videos.

Thanks go to my friend Ryan and his Muppet "Edgar" for playing the priest in the wedding portion. Thanks to Amy Petty for allowing me to use her song "You Make Me Free" for the video, and thanks to Nicholas Park for letting me use his song "Yours Alone" for the original Muppet Proposal as well as for the instrumental version that takes place during the credits on this video.

Visit Amy Petty. Purchase her CDs, see her in concert, give her your love.

Visit Nicholas Kirk. Help spread the word about his music and the films he composes music for. Give him your love.

Thanks to our family, friends, and everyone around the world who has viewed the Muppet Proposal, shared it, told people about it, and most importantly have shared the same joy and love that I feel for my wife every day.

Sid and Sara were married on September 10, 2011.

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Music used with permission of the artists.