The four letter "F" word. Film.

Four letter "F" word.  Film.  

Y'all remember this stuff, right? All those ISO's packed in there! All those MM's! It's amazing!  I'm dustin' off the film gear and going to start putting this stuff back to use.  Forget your fancy LCD screens and your 9 billion auto-focus points.  Gimme some rolls of 120 and a Hasselblad and make magic!  This stuff has been sitting in the fridge for almost a decade!

It's time to break it out, wake it up, and make it work!

Break it out, wake it up & make it work!

Gettin' back to my roots!


Edit: I picked up a Polaroid back for the Hasselblad and it just arrived yesterday!

After cleaning the rollers and tossing the film pack in, I realized that the pack (which has been sitting in the fridge for about ten years) didn't indicate what ISO the Polaroids were, so I guess it was 100 and took a test shot.  Ended up being overexposed, and after some internet research discovered I had an ISO 80 pack of film.  A nice piece of gaffers tape indicating what my ISO is adorns the back.

I thought I'd have forgotten how to use one, but it was like riding a bike.  The second it was in my had intuition took over and the rest was magic.

If course, now comes the issue of splurging on b&w Polaroid film.  One more reason to up my prices! :)

Hasselblad Polaroid Back