Fashion & Portrait Workshop

On the weekend of February 20 & 21st, I hosted a fashion and portrait photography workshop by New York fashion photographer Simon Gerzina.

I've known Simon for a little while now; we both frequent the photography forums over at Fred Miranda, a website that is heavily centered around critique, questions and general discussion about photography and everything surrounding it.

Simon has been teaching these workshops out of his Brooklyn studio, and I asked him what it would take to get him to bring his workshop to my studio in Nashua.  Luckily, it turns out his in-laws live in Keene NH, so it would be very easy for him to drop his wife and son off at their folks, and head the hour south to Nashua for the weekend.  All we had to do was get some people to attend.

Simple enough.

Fashion & Portrait Lighting Workshop: Feb 2010

The workshop was spread over two days; the first day centered around basic portrait lighting using one light source.  In this case, one of the workshop students, Zak, graciously donated the use of his Profoto lighting equipment for the weekend, so some of us who use brands like Alien Bees got a chance to use real high-end lighting equipment.  For that alone, the workshop was a success (and also created a large jealousy, as now we all feel compelled to get Profoto equipment :D ).

Models were provided by Boston modeling agency Maggie Inc.

Fashion & Portrait Lighting Workshop: Feb 2010

The first day we covered basic portrait lighting, side lighting, and generally we tried to analyze the light we had and how to achieve certain looks and how to place the light.  Simon wanted us to pre-visualize our shots in advance, and then build the lighting around what we wanted.  We got about three different looks on the first day and we ended around 6:30pm.

The second day was focused on fashion photography; how it works, the various markets, how to deal with modeling agencies, test shooting, lookbooks, portfolios, etc.  It was a fantastic day-long crash course, and Simon was very generous with his information.  On the second day, makeup artist Dana Dodson from Boston came up to work with the models and talk about working with makeup and makeup artists.

Fashion & Portrait Lighting Workshop: Feb 2010
Fashion & Portrait Lighting Workshop: Feb 2010

I feel the workshop was a great success.  We got to bring a little bit of the fashion market to Nashua, and we got to learn a great deal of information that we otherwise don't get to learn in this area/market unless we trek down to Boston or NYC.  For that alone the workshop was well worth the price.

I would absolutely host another of Simon's workshops.  If you are in the NYC area, please check out his workshop page and let him know you read about his workshops through here.

Images from the workshop that I took can be found here

Cheers, Sid