UNH Graduates • LinkedIn/Social Media headshots

Headshot/LinkedIn Portraits • UNH Students

I've been working for a while now with UNH Manchester's campus.  A little while ago, they had me come in and provide headshots for graduating students so they could have a nice, clean, crisp portrait that they could use for LinkedIn and Social Media once they get out into the "real world" and the job market.

I always try to keep it simple in location situations like this.  For these images, I just had two lights setup:  one background light with a set of barn-doors on it to control spill right behind the subject, aimed at the wall so I could blow the wall totally white.  Then I had a light up on a c-stand inside the Westcott 28" Apollosoftbox.  I've used the Apollo for years and years.  The one I have has been through a war, but she still keeps up with the pace.  I bought a replacement back in maybe 2008, but I still haven't taken that out of the box because the original still works like magic.  Then I just adjust my exposure on the fly.

Things are so much easier to move around now that I've got my Rock'n'Roller cart, and having those Seahorse cases help keep everything protected while I'm out in the world working on jobs.

I think it's great that UNH wants to make sure their grads get their feet out the door with a nice, clean headshot from the get-go.

Thanks, UNH, for liking my work :)