1, 2, 3, perfect!

1, 2, 3, Perfect!

While cleaning up images off my HD, I came across these images taken during one of the Oct 2010 Portable Portrait workshops.

This series of three images where the first images taken once we got outside and started shooting.

Once you get past the technical part of photography and start learning how to understand your settings and figuring out exposure problems in your brain, things will become much easier.

Here, in shot 1, I had just turned my light on and got everything set up. Sine, my model, was just standing there. I simply took a test shot, and quickly found that I was 2 stops overexposed and I needed to stop my aperture down. In shot 2, after stopping down my aperture, I took another shot and saw that my exposure now looked spot-on. I zoomed my lens out a bit, recomposed the image, and took shot 3. This is the same shot that I've been using in some recent marketing materials on the Portable Portrait website and other places, and it was literally the 3rd frame on the memory card. If I had been doing a real shoot, we would have already moved on to a new location, as I had nailed it.

Get your cameras off auto and start thinking things through. Once it becomes automatic, you'll start not only getting great pictures quicker, but you'll also know WHY those pictures are looking as good as they are, and HOW you can CONTROL that.

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