Danny Clinch • Still Moving

Danny Clinch: Still Moving

I love photographing musicians.  If I could figure out to making a bajillion dollars doing so, that would be what I'd want to do.  It's what I'm trying to do and have tried to do for many years now.

As someone that loves creating photographs of musicians, I have a few photographers that I love who actually do photograph musicians as their profession.  One of those is Danny Clinch.

He came out with a book towards the end of 2014 called "Still Moving" and its' a hard cover, lovingly created portfolio of photographs of musicians over the decades.  It's really beautiful, and thi cover image of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is why I love his work so much - simple, elegant and wonderful.

His book is available on Amazon.  If you love music photography, especially portraits of musicians, pick this up and dig in.  It's lovely stuff.