Thank You 2010

Thank You 2010

Man, what a year.

2010 was full of fun and surprises.  It was full of stress and frustration.  It was like many other years, but the good far outweighed the bad.  I met some really really incredible people, and some of those people became good friends.  I took a lot of photographs.  I made work that I'm really proud of this year.  At the end of the year, I made Sara a very happy lady, and, in the process, I somehow touched people all over the world.  I made all kinds of friends, all over the globe, simply by sharing my love for my lady and how she inspires my creativity.

Being self employed, especially as a photographer, is a really tough battle right now.  Economically I did somewhat better in 2010 than 2009, but there is still a long, long, long way to go before I can comfortably take care of myself.  But year after year, I slowly figure out this whole "business" thing, and despite how difficult it might be, the ability to create compelling work is what drives me.  And all the while, my work gets better and better.

It is a stressful battle.  Work can be hard to get because the economy is tough right now.  People don't have budgets sometimes for the work they would like.  It is difficult when I can't work with someone because they have no budget and it isn't realistic for me to come down as low as they need.

I am insanely joyful about the work I've created in 2010.  I worked with a lot of fantastic bands and musicians who all have kicked ass.  I've given corporate clients powerful head shots that look extremely sharp and classy.  I've given high school seniors some really gorgeous senior portrait sessions.  I gave a high school friend some Bride/Groom portraits that completely blew them away.

This year I held the Portable Portrait workshop out of the studio.  The results and feedback are good.  Thanks to all of you who took the workshop in '10.  I'm looking forward to working on dates for 2011.

I hit one of my goals in 2010 which was to have work featured on a musicians album cover.  Working with Matt Jackson was great, and I'm really happy with the results that have been used for his album covers.

I'm grateful for friends like Dave Seah, who makes the podcasts with me, who likes being around during shoots, and who inspires and pushes and motivates me to keep sharing everything I do.

I'm especially grateful for Elise MacDonald and Studio 99 Nashua.  She appeared at just the right time and made me jump feet first into finally doing something I've only dreamed about since I was in high school; working with musicians and helping being part of the music industry.  She has also been a lovely generous friend.

When I made The Proposal for Sara, I had no idea of what was to come when I put it on Youtube for family members to see.  The amount of celebration and the amount of people around the world who have been touched by my tribute to Sara has truly moved me.  It has become overwhelming, and I thank every single person who has emailed me or left comments.

And as always, Sara remains the backbone that keeps me going; who helps reel me in when I'm over-frustrated and scared, who shares all my joy and all my pain, and who keeps me laughing while I try to figure this whole "thing" out.  I'm glad she accepts and welcomes my weirdness, my toys and humor.  I'm glad she enjoys the Muppets, and I'm glad the world now knows who she is.  I can't wait for her to become my wife in 2011.

2011 is shaping up to be a crazy year.  I'm looking forward to serving new clients, revisiting with old ones, continuing the development and nurturing of relationships, and all the while having fun and enjoying the ride.

I hope you will share them with me.

Happy New Year.

Do your best work always.  Dare to focus.  Just be nice.

Cheers, Sid

P.S - here is a slideshow that features images taken over 2010.  Enjoy!