Holy Crap! I'm now a contributing writer to DEDPXL!


Holy.  Crap.  holycrapholycrapholycrapholycrap.

A few weeks ago I left a comment on one of Photographer Zack Arias' blog posts over at his DEDPXL website.  It inspired him.  So much so he took what I wrote and turned that into a post about inspiration.  Totally awesome.  I commented a few times in that post, and soon after, Zack emailed me asking me if I'd consider becoming a monthly contributor to DEDPXL.

After I finished staring at my email with my mouth agape, I told him YES I WOULD BE HONORED TO BE PART OF DEDPXL!

One comment.  Well, it took 10 years to lead up to that one comment and suddenly I was put on Zack's radar.  And he felt I have enough to talk about that he wants me to be part of his world.  Crazy?  Absolutely.  And totally awesome.  And really scary.  But totally awesome.

My first post is going up in a few minutes.  Scary.

This absolutely proves that you never know who is watching/reading/listening.  One minute you are doing your laundry and leaving a comment on someone's blog.  The next you are sharing an adventure.  This is an adventure I absolutely want to be part of.

To those who are visiting my website courtesy of DEDPXL: HELLO!!!