Today may be the beginning of the end... or the end of the beginning... or the beginning of the beguine.

I used to roll my eyes when people would post on Facebook about the death of a celebrity and talk about their pain and how their heart is sad. I thought they were being dramatic.  Exaggerating.

Yesterday, Robin Williams died.

Now I understand what they were trying to express.

Growing up as a very shy child, Robin showed me that it was okay to be myself.  To make people laugh.  As I became older he showed me that it was okay to age with humor.  Getting older doesn't mean you have to let go of who you really are inside.

My wife laughs every day because, in part, of a small  hairy man who was a pure comic tornado showing me that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks - be yourself, express how you want to express, and, most importantly, make 'em laugh.

Yesterday we lost that whirlwind.  Though I didn't know him, his tornado touched me in my heart and in my funny bones.