Lomography Petzval DSLR Lens - Interview and Initial thoughts with Sid Ceaser

Lomography Petzval Interview/First Impressions

I've had the Petzval lens from Lomography for a little over a month now, and I've been limited to testing it because of all the freaking snow we got this season and the dang-blasted cold.  BUT I did get enough test shooting done that when Lomography emailed me asking if I'd be willing to do a write up with my initial thoughts about the lens, I had a dozen or so test shots to give them along with my thoughts.  You can read that nice long article HERE.

To note - I had wrote a lot about the very loose focus that my test lens had, and they omitted those parts because they've informed me that they have corrected the focus issue with the lenses that have gone to retail.  That's a good thing, as this test lens is a beeyotch to focus.  It's very loose, and even the slightest movement will rack it out of focus.

I still have BIG plans for how to test this lens out more thoroughly and I will absolutely be integrating it into my client shootings as well as personal.  Honestly, I'm really looking forward to shooting personally with this thing.  Plus, it slows me down considerably because I've found the best way (for me) to use it is with a tripod and a viewing hood loupe, pretty much how I used to shoot large format 4x5 with my Toyo camera.  It's a good feeling to slow down when shooting again.

Read Lomography's interview HERE