Luke • Portrait Session


I love that I get to meet such interesting people and it's part of my job.

I got to know Luke because of a photograph I took of his wife years and years ago during an open house.  Back then, he got a hold me for a print of that image of his wife.  Years later, I met with his wife, Mary, to talk about a project of hers.  I could never flesh things out about that project, but when Mary decided that she wanted a portrait of Luke for Christmas last year, she said the only person she was comfortable with using was me.  Connecting the dots.


We started with some simple black & white images on a white background.  I knew I wanted to shoot in black & white.  I wanted simple.  I wanted elegant.

When Luke suggested bringing in a sword, I knew we were on the right track.


We took some test shots and worked and massaged the shoot into the images from above.  I ended up putting a grid spot on his face.  Because I was using lights to blow my background pure white and wasn't lighting most of his body, he fell into shadow and it created a silhouette.  By controlling the light on his face with a grid, I could light his face and let the rest of him fall into darkness.  One I had that look locked in, it was just a matter of finding the right moment.

I started having him *not* look into the light, but away.  Suddenly I had this fantastic image where parts of his face were lit, but other parts fell into shadow.  Mood.  Now we were on to something.

It didn't take long to get the shot.  I had him bring his elbow up and rest the sword on his shoulder, and there was the shot.  Regal.  Elegant.  Moody.  Perfect.

I loved this shoot.  Luke is a fantastic guy.  I love these images.