Teresa Santoski • Design Samples

One of the services that I provide but haven't listed on my website is Design services.  When I deal with music clients part of my post-processing includes making a few small, mock-up album covers that I include so the client can see, visually, some of the things they can do with the photographs we make; be it album-covers or concert flyers or whatever.

Teresa Santoski, who I recently worked with for her head shot, website content and book cover, hired me to design some business cards and post-card sized business callers.  Here are the two final designs that we went with.  One is a standard business card and the other is a 4.5" x 4.5" square card.

I've been making album and mix-tape covers my whole life.  Why I haven't announced that I offer that as a service is still a mystery, and one I hope to integrate more formally on the website soon.

I can be an all-in-one stop for photographs and album design.