Southern NH Photographers "strobist" Meetup: Sunday August 22nd 2010

On Sunday August 22nd we had the first Southern NH Photographers meetup of 2010.  We're a bit late in getting these started, but the premise is simple:  Photographers and models get together and network, and photograph, and just generally enjoy themselves creating work amongst their peers. We got rained out on that day, but there were still a small group that braved the rain and played around.  Here are a few images from the meetup that I took:


(above: Jenna)


(above: Ashley)


(above: Amber)

The next meetup is scheduled for Sunday, September 19th.  We will be meeting at the old Benson's Animal Farm grounds in Hudson NH starting at 1pm.  If you are interested in attending, just toss me an email for more details.

Cheers, Sid