Portable Portrait workshop: August 14, 2010

Myles & Jeremy: The Portable Portrait Workshop

Saturday August 14th saw another Portable Portrait workshop out of the studio here in Nashua NH.  The 2010 workshop season is starting to reach the finish line as there are only 2 more workshops out of the studio for 2010!

This workshop featured a great group of students looking to introduce themselves to off-camera flash.  After our "refresher course" which takes place inside the studio, we grabbed everyone, loaded them in some cars, and headed over to the old location of Benson's Animal Farm in Hudson NH.  Closed since 1987, the Town of Hudson recently started work on turning the old site into a town walking park.  It is in pretty good shape, so we took the class over to use the area as a workshop location.  It was gorgeous.  Acres and acres of cleaned up areas, all perfect for location portraits.

Jeremy & Myles: The Portable Portrait Workshop

This time we had two male models for the workshop.  Jeremy (crouching on left) has been interning with me over the summer.  He's a film student at NYC who was home for the summer and has been helping me during shoots.  Myles Moriarty (on right) is a student at UMass Lowell in Music, a fantastic saxophone player, and current intern at Studio 99 here in Nashua.  You'll be seeing more images of Myles shortly.

Both gentlemen did a fantastic job, and the students enjoyed having such friendly subjects to photograph.  Everyone had a great time.

Myles: The Portable Portrait Workshop

Workshop student Suzan Krazner sent me very nice feedback:

". . . My camera is like an Audi R8 (yep, my fantasy car): sits in the garage, get intimidated driving it.  Well, no longer will my camera sit in it's bag and intimidate me!  In one workshop, I am much more comfortable with just using the manual settings (as I had with film 35 mm), and reviewing shots. . ."

Feedback for each and every workshop has been tremendous.  It proves to me that people are getting something out of these workshops and that I also need to start a testimonials page on the Portable Portrait website :)

We are down to TWO workshops left for 2010!:

Saturday September 11th and Saturday October 16th

If you've been delaying taking the workshop, now is the time to register and treat yourself to a hands-on location photography workshop that helps you understand your cameras settings and how to control off-camera lighting!

Thanks to everyone who has attended any of the workshops so far this year.  Running these out of the studio is a new thing for 2010, and its been a pretty good trial run.

Cheers, Sid