Christmas Gift Idea: Gregory Heisler's 50 Portraits

I adore celebrity portrait photographer Gregory Heisler.  I love listening to him talk about photography.  He just possesses a really friendly demeanor and he seems like a really nice guy.  Plus: bowties!  Gregory first collection of his work was published the other month, titled 50 Portraits, and to me what is the most important part of this book isn't the pictures, although they are lovely, but his writing.  The way he writes is very fluid and friendly and simple.  Why he went for a certain shot, or what feeling he was trying to create.  It's less about what gear he used on a photo and more about what he was trying to achieve while making it in his head.  It's such a lovely book to read.  I wish I had had Gregory for a teacher.

Definitely recommended for those of you reading this that have a photographer in their lives.  This book is a treat and a gem.  Definitely worth the (low) cost!

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