Portraits of the Camera Family (The Cam Fam)

Professor Hasselblad • The Cam Fam
Professor Hasselblad • Very popular with his students, Professor Hasselblad seems to be able to do everything and with fabulous results.  He remains very adaptable at almost any situation.  He prides himself on the Cult following that he has.  Very smart, elegant and well designed.

I created a small portrait series a few months ago.  I decided to take portraits of some of the cameras that inhabit my studio and that I work with.  I imagined what their family hierarchy would be like, what job each of them would have.  What their personalities would be like.  What they would dress like.

This was a fun little project I did that didn't take nearly as long as I hoped it would, and seeing these images makes me laugh.

Modern Mr. Canon • The Cam Fam
Modern Mr. Canon • Mr. Canon seems to be always taking pictures.  He loves being a tourist.  He's the first one to start shooting while on vacation.  Oddly, he has reached an almost obsessive-level with pixel size.  He can be found frequenting many establishments with others of his kind arguing about megapixels, dynamic range and how some of his like-minded kind obviously have too much crammed into their sensor.
The Hipster Diana • The Cam Fam
Diana (a.k.a. The Hipster) • She loves Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Riot Grrls.  She takes images that look other-worldly, dream-like and she does it with little effort.  She doesn't have to try, because that's simply the way she was made.  She's a bit of a rebel.  She wouldn't be caught dead being seen with the rest of the family.  She keeps it simply but makes images like a million bucks.
Mrs. Pinhole • The Cam Fam
Mrs. Pinhole • A naturalist at heart.  She loves landscapes and things untouched by man.  Handmade.  She can be extremely detailed and prides herself on it.  While everyone else fidgets with gears and switches and sensors and lenses and mechanisms, she believes all you really need is a light tight box and the prick of a pin to do the job with elegance.
Rapper SX-70 • The Cam Fam
SX-70 • Always spitting things out of his mouth with a loud "*Bleauuuuugh!*".  You can never shut him up.  Always the first one to show everyone exactly what he's saying.  Instant gratification.  Recently became a rap star.  You may have heard his most famous rap: "Bad Ass Pitchas".  Can also become very Hipster when he gets too much attention.
Dr. Toyo • The Cam Fam
Doctor Toyo • Toyo is the family's grandfather.  He endlessly rants and raves about how things "used to be", about respect for the craft, about all these new silly gadgets and digital and .....!  Despite his angst and bitterness, he can still produce a gorgeous image, and he enjoys all this "free-lensing" that people to trying to imitate him.  He also refuses to acknowledge that silly lens known as the "lensbaby".
Dr. Land • The Cam Fam
Doctor Land • While not as old as Dr. Toyo, Doctor Land is close.  He is SX-70's much older brother.  So old that you have to question their age difference.   Dr. Land does one thing and does it elegantly, and despite being so old, he's beginning to make a little bit of a comeback, embracing attention from the Hipster crowd ;)  He likes to dress all in black.  Kinda like Steve Jobs.