Two Year Wedding Anniversary

I blinked, and I've already been married to Sara for two years.  Time.  Flies. To celebrate two years of marriage (and for being together 12(!!!) years, we headed back up to where we spent our Honeymoon; Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, in Maine for a week.  Sara lived in Bar Harbor for a spell.  It's like visiting an old friend.

2 Year Wedding Anniversary

These two years have whizzed by

This time though, I decided to not bring lots of camera equipment (because, after all, I'm a Photographer, and we're expected to have cameras around our necks at all times, right?), and stuck with two things - the Hasselblad for some film shooting, and my measly cell phone camera.  That was it.  That was all.  I wanted to spend more time with my Wife and less time looking through a viewfinder.

Fog • Acadia National Park

Fog wraps around this island in Acadia National Park

Fog • Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Fog envelops the Bass Harbor Lighthouse in Acadia National Park

Winter Harbor, Acadia National Park

I couldn't carry this large driftwood that I wrapped with some found rope at Winter Harbor in Acadia, so I jammed it into a rock along the coast and created a photo-op for other traveling photographers.  To them: you are welcome ;)

Boats • Hadley Point, ME

Boats on the water in Hadley Point, Maine

Hasselblad in Fog, Acadia National Park

A Hasselblad, the Rolls Royce of film cameras, tends to want to be included in the pictures you take.  It looks that good.

Fog • Acadia National Park

More fog blanketing Acadia National Park

Through the Viewfinder

Through the Hasselblad viewfinder while photographing the Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Winter Harbor, Acadia National Park

Winter Harbor, Acadia National Park

To see more images from this vacation, head over to my Instagram account, which sort of serves as my daily photo-journal.

I'm already looking forward to our 3rd Anniversary vacation, wherever that might be.