carolina chocolate drops, portsmouth nh

Carolina Chocolate Drops

I got to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops a few months ago up in Portsmouth NH.  We have their records at home and play them on the weekends when we're doing our cleaning and chores.  Cornbread & Butter Beans.

We got a cool reserved blanket front-of-stage seating, and they were right in front of us.  It was fantastic.  Such style.  Such down home Americana roots music.  God bless them.

I don't like taking my camera to concerts, but I did.  Almost out of obligation.  It's an automatic reaction.  I usually have a hard time not taking my camera and gear everywhere with me.  But I'm trying to enjoy things without being behind a camera.  So I took it.   But I told myself I wouldn't take that many pictures.

I probably shot about 12 images, and then forced myself to put the camera down, and enjoy the unique experience of seeing these amazing musicians play and stomp and sing their hearts out.

Here is the only shot I kept and processed.  It works for me.  It comes in second to experiencing the concert fully, without seeing it with one eye through a tiny eyepiece.