Becky Cloonan slices off your face with AWESOMENESS

Becky Cloonan • Epic Comic Artist

The first time I met Becky Cloonan, amazingperson, was the opening night of Star Wars Episode 1.  We all gathered at a buddies house before heading off to opening night, and Becky came with a mutual friend.  While waiting for everyone to show up, Becky bedazzled a room full of nerdy guys with her tales of art school; of her dreams to make comics and animation and work for DC and Marvel.  She showed us an animation she made in art school of two super deformed Street Fighter characters fighting each other.  It was amazing.  A room full of nerdy guys stood there captivated and all falling in love with this little petite person made of awesomesauce, comic book nerdity and video game knowledge.

Episode 1 ended up more or less sucking, but I never forgot the time before the movie.

As time went on and the world turned, I started hearing Becky's name being associated here and there and it was really crazy.  She did the little monkey logo for the movie Super Troopers.  Then I heard she was working with Ralph Bakshi on some project.  Then she left art school and started seriously going into comics.  Then she did "Demo", then things got really crazy because I started seeing her name on major comics.  She did "American Virgin" with DC/Vertigo.  Then more crazy stuff.

Then she did Batman.

Becky Cloonan • Epic Comic Artist

Becky is the first female in the history of comics to ever illustrate one of the two main Batman titles:  Batman, and Detective Comics.  She did Batman in 2012.  Boom!  That sound was her making comics history.

Lately, she's a rising star that doesn't seem to slowing down at all.  She's been nominated for an Eisner Award.  Then she won an Eisner Award for a self-published mini-graphic novel.  BOOM! That sound was her taking over the Industry.

I can't even remember all the amazing stuff she's been up to lately.  As someone that used to sit in his closet and read comics all the damn time, I can't express how much joy I have for Becky; for all that damn hard work she's been doing for over a decade to get where she is now.  She deserves it.  She's changing the very Industry she wants to be involved with.  She's making her dreams come true.

Becky Cloonan • Epic Comic Artist

I got together with Becky a few years ago and took some portraits, and a little while ago, while she was in town to do a local signing, she came by the studio again and we caught up a bit and she let me take some more portraits.  I had some Wolverine claws hanging on the wall.  Done.  Easy.

I take joy knowing that whenever she's in town we can get together and have some laughs and talk about comics and movies and being dorky.  Through her I can almost *touch* the comic book industry that has dominated most of my life.  I look forward and can't wait to see what she does next.

Follow Becky on her website , her Twitter page and over at Instagram.


Becky Cloonan • Epic Comic Artist