Ian Ethan • The Infinite Race • video

I'm happy to share this new video that Ian Ethan, Studio101A and I created together to help promote Ian and show what his looping music sounds and looks like.

We spent the day doing multiple live takes of this looped composition (almost 15 minutes!) and it was a great exercise for me to shooting HD footage.   Ian will be using this video on his forthcoming new website as something he can show record labels and concert venues for booking arrangements.

Thanks to Tom at Studio101A in Amherst who I always enjoy seeing and working with, and I'm enjoying the small "team" that is forming with Ian, Tom and myself.

Grab a cold one and hunker down for the next 14 minutes and immerse yourself in the sounds of Ian Ethan.  It's really great stuff.  He's got a very unique sound and it's exciting to see him grow over the years.  His next album is going to be amazing.