Matt Jackson’s “Proove You Wrong”

Matt Jackson

A few weeks ago I got to work with  local singer/songwriter Matt Jackson.  We took a day and did some new images for his press kit, promotional and we also did photography for his new CD “Prove You Wrong”

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“Walk Before You Stroll” – Open Studios Event, Nov 29th from 12-5pm

This year before the ginormous Nashua Holiday Stroll, the Picker Building artists will be having an Open Studio event from 12-5pm. Stop in, put on your Santa hat and say “Ho ho ho!” to a free Xmas-themed Social Media Profile Picture from me to you!

My good buddy and fantastic wedding photographer Martin Haseman has just moved into the Picker Building just down the hall from me. We got together to make a large print that will hopefully be directing people up to the 4th floor so we don’t feel left out all day!

See you then!!

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2009 was the first year I tried self-printing a promotional booklet to mail out.  Years ago I printed one copy of a collection of my Toy Portraits through Asuka Book, but the cost was so high I never printed any others (around $50 for a soft cover).

This year, I got around to making a low-page full color promo book through Blurb.  It only cost about 1/5th to produce and I ordered a handful to give to magazines and other more commercial and editorial outlets.

Below is what the 2009 booklet consists of.

Ceaser Photography by Sid Ceaser | Commercial Promotional Booklet 2009

For 2010, I’m going to be trying another self-printing outlet, and this time in a more magazine format for an even lower cost.  Stay tuned!



Dave & Sid's Unnamed Podcast: cover art V2

My buddy Dave Seah and I have been doing a podcast for a while now. I think we’re around 11 episodes or so, and the previous cover art graphic we were using was cobbled together with old grainy cellphone images. Someone commented to Dave that the image of me didn’t look as friendly or approachable as I am in real life, so we took some time this week to get a few new images, and Dave came up with this fantastic logo for it. It doesn’t really cover what we talk about (making a living in the creative arts) but the design covers the geek-factor just enough to get the point across. I think.

Wanna check out our podcast and listen to us discuss the arts, pop culture and trying to figure this whole thing out? Take a spin over to here and start from the beginning. Or find our feed on iTunes!

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CameraCampus Podcast/Inverview

Last week I was interviewed by the Interview/Podcast program “CameraCampus”.  Here it is!  Enjoy!

CameraCampus Interview: Sid Ceaser