Two Decades to Decorate a Wall


A few years ago I made a post about my love for Japanese arcade posters for Capcom video games.  Street Fighter and Rival Schools: United By Fate and, most importantly, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter.  I finally got a few framed and hung in the studio, and I wanted to talk a little about it.

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Podcast 084: Mutual of Omaha Presents


084: Mutual Of Omaha Presents


Podcast Episode 082: Meet Photographer Jane Button!

Dave and I chat with Manchester NH based portrait photographer Jane Button while she visited me at the studio a few weeks ago. It gave us a chance to test out a “field kit” version of Dave’s podcast equipment.  Success!

082: Meet Photographer Jane Button!

Podcast Episode 081: Toyz!

081: TOYZ!


Roland • Hampton Police Force

Roland found me through Thumbtack, which is something new I’m trying for 2017.  He was looking for some clean, crisp portraits of himself before he retired from the Hampton NH police force wearing his dress uniform and before he had to hand it in.  I shot him over some example images on white and on black and told him I’d like to shoot him on simple solid-color backgrounds so that you focus on him and not be distracted by elements behind him.  He liked my work and we arranged a date in the studio.

Roland • Hampton Police Force

I’ve never had the chance to photograph a police officer before, and it was great afternoon of me asking questions and talking about his service. He took extreme pride in what he does and his uniform, and I really enjoyed getting shots that reflect that.


Roland • Hampton Police Force

The above image is one of my favorite.  It’s so direct.  It almost feels confrontational, but I love the slightly upward angle that I shot him at.

Roland • Hampton Police Force

A detail shot that I really like.  I love the composition and the angle of his shoulder.


To see a few more examples from Roland’s session, click here.