When the Needle hits the Groove

I’ve recently dug out my old record collection, moved it to the studio, and have been doing something I haven’t done in decades: spin records.  Music moves me in a way I can’t explain. I have it playing all the time. I spent my 20’s working in record stores. I love photographing musicians that need images for things like album/cd covers and packaging.  After the cut, I’m going to do a bunch of talking about my history with them, their importance to me, and why I won’t ignore my records again.


Two Decades to Decorate a Wall


A few years ago I made a post about my love for Japanese arcade posters for Capcom video games.  Street Fighter and Rival Schools: United By Fate and, most importantly, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter.  I finally got a few framed and hung in the studio, and I wanted to talk a little about it.

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Podcast 084: Mutual of Omaha Presents


084: Mutual Of Omaha Presents


Podcast Episode 082: Meet Photographer Jane Button!

Dave and I chat with Manchester NH based portrait photographer Jane Button while she visited me at the studio a few weeks ago. It gave us a chance to test out a “field kit” version of Dave’s podcast equipment.  Success!

082: Meet Photographer Jane Button!

Podcast Episode 081: Toyz!

081: TOYZ!