Oce Prints

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Oce prints, also known as Engineer prints, are large black and white prints make on a blueprint copier/printer.  The printers are made for enlargements of blueprint designs.  But you can also print large, 3×4 foot b&w prints for any occasion.

For these, I wanted to test out my local Kinko’s and see how they would come out.  The process was easy: just bring the images on a USB drive and they’ll print them out on the printers for you.

The best thing:  the cost.   $9 each, for a 3×4 foot print.

These are made to be viewed at a distance.  I wanted to  hang some up outside my studio so people would see these huge prints as they entered the hallway my studio was in.  There impressive large size give them a bit of a “wow!” factor when you come around the corner.



Prints laid out on my rolling tables prior to hanging them.


Sara stands in the entryway to the studio, with a massive amount of freckles on display above her.

Engineer prints should be available at your local Kinko’s.  Give them a call and make a few prints.  They look really great!  And you can’t beat that cost!


Game Over, Man, Game Over

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I love movies.  I can’t convey enough how much I love film.  Well, I can a little bit, and my license plate is a testament to it.

SULACO is the name of the battleship from James Cameron’s ALIENS, which is a sequel to one of my favorite films of all time: ALIEN.  Originally I wanted my license plate to say NOSTROMO which is the mining freighter from Ridley Scott’s ALIEN film, but it was one letter too many.  Keeping with the ship theme, SULACO was my second choice.  But I like it.  It’s a good looking word.

My wife Sara’s license plate is PEQUOD, which is the ship from MOBY DICK.

Her’s is a boat from a classic novel, mine is a ship from a science-fiction movie.  Fitting.

We’ve decided that If I can get a custom plate for my scooter, it would be ORCA, the boat from JAWS.

Themes for the win!


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Fog.  These were taken while in Vermont one early weekend morning.

Taken with a former crappy cell-phone camera.  But the feeling is what I love most about these.  So quiet.  So empty.

The Farmer’s Dinner • Portraits of Chefs

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Dave Manganello • Riverside BBQ

I had mentioned a few posts back that I got to shoot the Nashua Restaurant Week Farmer’s Dinner outside event.  While the event was being planned, I had a few of the participating chef’s, cooks and food creative’s come up to the studio so I could get some nice, clean head shots of them.

Here are a few I got the chance to photograph. CONTINUE READING…

Vermont Mini-trip

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I’m always behind with my blog posting.  Usually I’m blogging about stuff that has happened a few months ago.  Such is life.

Back in September Sara and I took a little mini-getaway to Vermont for an extended weekend.


We kinda winged it although the plan was to drive up one side of Vermont near the Canadian border and then come down the other side.  Lots of driving.  Lots of roadside peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Lots of cows and stopping for whatever we wanted to do, which mainly consisted of eating lots of ice cream along the way and just enjoying the weather and each other’s company.  Which means it was an amazing successful trip.

We found Poppin’ Fresh at an antique store on our way up, and he became our trip mascot.


Take mini-trips if you can.  It’s worth the gas money to drive and randomly stop at the places you randomly run across.  Make random memories with your loved ones.