The remnants of a hard battle.

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Camera bodies, tired, expended, sheets of polaroid strewn across the battlefield.  The remnants of a good photography session.


Gary • Vintage Scoot for Scootering Magazine

Vintage Scoot/Brezelwerks for Scootering Magazine

I’ve known Gary for some years now.  I met him through Dave Seah.  Gary has done a bunch of awesome stuff in his life, and recently he’s turned is attention into restoring and creating his own fabricated custom parts for old scooters, particularly old vintage Lambretta scooters.   He creates custom trim, molding, accessories and more for these little babies turning them into custom one-of-a-kind scooters.

UK magazine Scootering was going to be doing a feature on two of his recently restored/custom scooters and he hired me to take some photographs.

To say these scooters are gorgeous is an understatement.  No matter where you look (or don’t even think to look) there are little custom things that he’s created that compliment, yet don’t overdo, the design of the scooter.  And he fabricates all these parts at his home.  It’s really impressive.  The craftsmen ship is pretty outstanding.

Vintage Scoot/Brezelwerks for Scootering Magazine

Above: The January 2015 cover

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Holdfast Gear Artist Spotlight

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Holdfast Artist Spotlight

I’m sure people are sick of reading me gushing about how much I love my Holdfast MoneyMaker camera strap, or how much I think Matt, the owner, is a good guy.

I’m really happy to be one of his “Featured Artists” over at the Holdfast Gear website.  Some of the other shooters on that page are awe-freaking-some.

Bridge Troll

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“I’m a troll,” he said. Then he paused, and added, more or less as an afterthought, “Fol rol de ol rol.”
Neil Gaiman, Troll Bridge

The Halo / Master Chief Series

HALO • Master Chief

I’m a Nerd.  And a Dork.  And possibly a Geek as well.  My whole life has been about video games and toys and comics and movies and. . .

I’ve been trying to incorporate my geek passions into my photography when I can.  It isn’t as often as I like, and when the chance comes up I try to jump on it.

So when a friend makes a suit of Halo armor out of stiffened cardboard?  Holy shit, YES!

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