Interlude: Colors

An interlude for friends who help on gigs who are great to work with.

July 20th, 1969: One Giant Leap for Mankind.

It has been 45 years since Apollo 11 walked on the face of the Moon.

Here are some links to help you celebrate that incredible occasion.


as I wrote previously, the Hasselblad that I own came from the hands of one of the people who prepared the Hasselblad’s that went to the Moon on that historic mission.

This post is in celebration of that man.

Oh, the back on the Hasselblad might look odd to you.  I’ll be talking about that in a future blog post.  Something I’ve been saving up for a very long time finally found it’s way into my hands, and on to the back of the camera.


Interlude: Fuji X100S


I picked up a used X100 last year and I really fell in love with it, despite it’s finicky menu.  I actually did a minor upgrade and picked up an X100S (I say the “S” stands for “Sid Edition”) while hooking a friend up with the X100, and then later helped another friend pick up another used X100.  I seem to be in the market of helping friends get awesome used cameras 🙂

I recently picked up a Fuji Instax printer to play around with.  My X100S has a built-in wifi feature that will work with Eyefi cards, so I’ve been shooting with the Eyefi card, which uploads those images to my cell phone, and then I can print those images on the Instax.  It isn’t as easy as just pulling an instant print with my 4×5 or Hasselblad cameras (or even one of the Polaroid Land cameras I have lying around) but it’s still pretty neat.

The X100S is lovely.  Just like the X100 before it, I recently shot a majority of some assignment photography for The Hippo using just the X100S.  I freaking love this camera.

Gear: Seahorse Cases

The last quarter of 2016 is going to see some major changes as far as my studio is concerned, and with that in mind I wanted to find some hard-shell gear cases so I could house and organize the gear I use the most.  I’ve been using cases by Seahorse for the last ten months, and I figured I’d talk a little about them and how I’m using them.

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Hot Mess

Hot Mess

Let me introduce you to the gang that makes up Hot Mess,
and give you a little behind-the-scenes of our session earlier this year.


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