New Podcast: 065 – Happy New Year!

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Episode 65 of Dave & Sid’s Unnamed Podcast is up!  We catch up after a hiatus the last few weeks.

Click the link and enjoy!


HAPPY 2015!

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Happy New Year, everyone!  Let’s do some good stuff in ’15!


Private Instruction / Workshop

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09.09.14 Private Workshop

I got a chance to do a private instruction/workshop back in September and I really really enjoyed it.

Usually my workshops consist of up to 8 attendees.  I like keeping groups small.  We usually go until sundown so I feel that people get a very good value for what they pay and feedback is always positive in that people are learning how to use their brains and figure stuff out so they can take control of their images.  It’s a good feeling helping people understand what they are doing.

In September I got to arrange a private workshop.  Two people.  Me.  Our model Sinehan.  Just four people taking pictures for the whole day.  It was pretty awesome.

If you would be interested in a private workshop/instruction please contact me.  It gives someone a chance to shoot more, ask more questions.  With two people, they pretty much got a 1-on-1 workshop and we worked well into the evening.  More images after the cut:


ISO 3200

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Some of my favorite film of all time.  High speed, big grain, so good!

#FilmIsNotDead #BeliveInFilm

Wedding at The Fells

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Jarrett & Yomayra

I don’t shoot weddings.  I stand strong behind that statement.  I’ve photographed four couples so far in my life who have gotten married.  Three of those times it was for dear friends and I dictated to them what I was willing to shoot and not shoot.  Most of the time all I’m interested in is getting some nice “formal” shots of the bride and groom in my style.  Something dramatic.  Elegant.  This time, a friend I went to college with needed a 2nd shooter for a wedding she was shooting of her Cousin and his bride-to-be.  I’d be  happy to help, as long as I could get a few dramatic shots in my style and help her out.