Reverend Sam Seah

Reverend Sam Seah

I’ve known my buddy Dave for a long time.  He’s become a very close friend, and I love hanging around with him and talking geek-stuff and recording podcasts and everything.  His father, who lives in Taiwan, has visited Dave twice in the years that I’ve known him, and on his second visit last year, Dave hired me to make some portraits of his father.

I was going to write about a fantastic evening and dinner at Dave’s and then how his father, Ingram (though he also likes to be called Sam) played some music for us and how we talked for hours about his home and his life working in missionaries in both Taiwan and the US, but instead I just want to focus on the image above, and how much I love the look of intensity on his face while he played for us.

You can see a few more images here, but I wanted to just concentrate on this image.  I love it.  I feel it’s a beautiful portrait, and I’m so glad I finally got to meet the father of a very good friend.



The Dead Equine

A while back I had posted some images I created of The Blind Cowboy; a fantastic 1/6th scale figure by ThreeA Toys.  He was originally what got me thinking non-stop about ThreeA figures.  He usually comes packaged with the Dead Equine; a giant 2o-pound horse sculpted out of polystone, and it was only available for an extremely limited time and a very expensive price.  Some people, however, like to buy ThreeA items, split up the contents, and then resell them; this was how I ended up purchasing the Blind Cowboy.  I didn’t think I’d ever be able to purchase a Dead Equine, but the image of that horse was burned in my brain.

A short while ago, I actually found someone that was selling just the Dead Equine without the Blind Cowboy.


…and now my Blind Cowboy/Dead Equine set is complete.

It was actually fortuitous, as the Dead Equine I purchased was literally everything that comes with the retail version *except* the Blind Cowboy.  So it’s a complete set!  How awesome!


The box that the Equine comes in is HUGE.  You can’t see it by this picture, but it’s massively large.  I bet Sara could sit inside the box it comes it.  It also comes with a gorgeous fold-out poster featuring the artwork from the cover.

I’ll be doing more formal photographs once it gets warmer outside, but right after I got him I broke out the fog machine and played around a little bit.

This is the one toy/collectible where Sara supported my purchase 100%.  When it finally arrived, she said “This is a work of art.  This is a sculpture.”

It’s so amazing.  Prints of my Blind Cowboy portraits are available on my Society6 page starting at $20.

Portrait of a Store Clerk


Portrait of a Store Clerk, Los Santos, USA.

I find I spend more time in Grand Theft Auto 5 wandering around taking street photography then I do anything else.  I love it.

What an amazing game.  What an amazing, fully functioning, alive world it is.



Christmas is awesome because I’m a fool that still loves toys.  So Santa comes and leaves toys for me.  Because I’m basically still 11 years old at heart.

I got these two Star Wars Black Series 6″ figures.  They are of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper suits.  They have removable helmets.  As a kid, I was obsessed with toys that had removable hats and helmets.  Star Wars.  Indiana Jones, M.A.S.K., Visionaries, etc.  If you could put a hat or helmet on the figure, I pretty much wanted it.  I don’t know why I’m obsessed with something like that, but there ya go – a little more information about my weird quirks.

I broke out the fog machine here at the studio and took a few photographs of these guys.


I’m on my third fog machine.  No matter how correctly I clean them, they always gunk up on me.  I’m cursed.


The Argonath


The Argonath.

Taken by boat on the river Auduin, as we entered the realm of Gondor, while on vacation in Middle Earth.

The Argonath (also known as The Gates of Argonath or The Pillars of Kings) is a monument comprising two enormous statues carved in the likenesses of Isildur and his father Elendil, standing upon either side of the River Anduin at the northern approach to Nen Hithoel. It marked the northern border of Gondor, as nearby down south were previous outposts, the Amon Hen and the Amon Lhaw.

These two lovely Argonath statues are actually sculpted bookends that came with a deluxe version of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring dvd release somewhere around 2002.  I missed the initial release of these because of price, but I went searching on eBay a while back and finally found a set.

These are so fantastic.  One of my favorite scenes from Fellowship is when they pass into the realm of Gondor and see the Argonath.

This shot was taken on my back porch of our apartment; the bookends simply sitting on the railing, and me waiting for the sun to lower enough that I could catch a little bit of a “gleam” off of one of them.

If you dig this image, it’s available as a print on my Society6 page starting at $22.00