It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

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The Nashua River is right outside my studio.  When the weather is nice, Sara and I like to take our Kayaks out.  It’s a good paddle through Mines Falls Park, and then we ride the current back down to the put-in.

At the start of the paddle where we put in, is this building near Millyard Technology Park:

Every time I float past it I imagine myself in some lost world; a post-apocalyptic, “Last of Us” or “The Road” type world where everything has gone to hell, and Nature is claiming the buildings back.  It’s so cool.

During one of our last paddles, we found a break-off with a small stream we had never been down before, which went behind a series of houses.

The overgrowth in the stream only make it seem even more like a plague wiped out most of mankind and we were foraging through Nature’s reclaimed territory.

I love this stuff.

Vintage Camera Box Promo Images

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Retro Polaroid Promotional

I love old, vintage, product boxes.

Old advertising, old boxes, old packaging – I love it.  I love the simplistic design.  So elegant.

Someone sent me this old Polaroid box in the mail because I wanted to scan it in and print it out to hang on my wall.  Then I started toying with the idea of taking the design elements and making them into business promo’s for my photography.  It seemed like a fun idea to try, so I spent an afternoon scanning old camera-related boxes and turning them as closely as I could into promo pieces that I could use to mail to companies and places I’d like to work with.  A kind of elbow-in-the-ribs private in-joke to those who see it.  Maybe some will get it and laugh.  Maybe some won’t understand.


60’s Roadside Motel

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I love old 50’s and 60’s road side motels.  I love the history behind motels.  I love the idea of these little weird co-joined rooms for people sitting off the roads and highways where you just stop for the night, sleep, shower, eat a bit, and then continue on to your final destination.  I’m fascinated by the families that run these motels; making their money and devoting their lives to other peoples’ travels.

Sara and I recently skipped the bed-and-breakfast &  Airbnb’s that we usually use for a vintage 60’s roadside motel during a trip to Southern MA a while back.  I kinda felt like Don Draper, but without all the debauchery.  These places, just existing on the offskirts of major highways and lonely roads.  So interesting.

BYOC House/Studio Concert Series: AMY PETTY!!! Oct 12th 2014 @ 3pm

Amy Petty • Studio/House Concert • Sunday Oct 12, 2014 @ 3pm

Guys.  Girls.  Gang.  Seriously.

Amy moved away a few years ago across the country.  I miss her something terrible.

She contacted me saying she’s going to be swinging through New England for a week in October.  I wanted to hear her play live music to me.  So I suggested a House Concert here at the studio, to close out the 2014 series of “Bring-Your-Own-Chair” concerts.  She excitedly said YES!

So she’s going to be performing here at the studio on Sunday, October 12th 2014 at 3pm in the afternoon.  It’s Colombus Day weekend.  You all should be available.  Especially in the afternoon.

$15 donation at the door.  Then come and buy some of her cds.  Listen to her amazing voice, her amazing songwriting, her amazing EVERYTHING.

I want the studio packed.  I want to send her home with a wallet full of cash and a bunch of new friends.

Because she’s just that damn good.

For more info:

Yoshi gets a taste of outside

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Yoshi basks in the sun


I’ve had Yoshi since she was born.  She’s 16 now.  She recently lost her sister Gromit at the beginning of the year.   Before Gromit passed away, I kept saying to Sara that I’d like to start bringing them outside.  I never did, and Gromit never got the chance to experience outside.  Yoshi is a house cat.  We live near a very busy highway next to the MA/NH state line.  So a few months ago we’ve been slowly taking her outside with a harness on.  Mainly to see how she would react.  She’s still not sure what to make of the world, so she takes a few steps, stops, smells the air and then lies down.  She’s mostly scared, but each time we take her out for 20 minutes or so, she gets a little more brave.  Walks a few more steps.  I think she likes the grass.

Anyway, here is picture of Yoshi during her last outing.  The sun was in full bloom.  She likes the warmth on her back.