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My buddy Matt Smigiel, who did the gorgeous illustrations for my wedding invitations, whipped this up the other week.  He had just bought himself a new digital brush and was looking for reasons to play with it, so I asked him if I tossed him some $$ if he would do a Green Lantern illustration for me.  ‘Cuz I loves me some Green Lantern, and I love Matt’s style of cartoony illustration.

I didn’t ask for anything else, and this is what he whipped up overnight.  This is why I love Matt; on top of being a most excellent person, handsome as all heck and a darn good illustrator, he has a fantastic sense of humor.  Go visit his website.  And while you are at it, check out some of the awesome illustrations he did for The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe Reduxe Edition.  So good!!!

New Hampton School Studio Visit

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Group Shot - NHS Studio Visit

Wolverine claws, Lightsabers, Gears of War Lancers, Muppets – there is too much nerd going on in this photograph.  Welcome to Sid Ceaser Photography.

I got a chance to work with some of the fine kids from the New Hampton School out near the seacoast.  This fun group of kids picked Photography as their concentration during their NHS Project week, and they visited a few photography studios and learned different things from different local photographers.  I got this bunch in the middle of the week, I don’t think they new what they were getting themselves into.


Lomography Petzval Lens • [ Test Shot ] • Extensive Review Forthcoming

Oh man, am I TOTALLY EXCITED about this:

The New Petzval Lens • Review Copy

Back in July of 2013 I had an article posted on PetaPixel about my 20×24″ wedding tintypes. Shortly after, I was contacted by the folks at Lomography who were starting a Kickstarter about a new Petzval lens design for DSLR cameras, asking if I would be interested in being gifted one to test out for future review. Wait, WUT??!?!  I excitedly said yes, and after lots of back and forth emails, a lens arrived at the start of February.

I’m beyond excited for this lens and have some big ideas planned for how to give this a really great workout for it’s review.

Here is a test shot taken with the lens and a few quick thoughts so far:

Sara • quick Petzval Lens test

My initial reactions are that this lens is *not* for the casual shooter.  This all-manual lens really needs to be massaged and finessed to get a good shot from it.  I think most casual shooters won’t have the time or patience needed for this.  Focusing is a bear and the way the lens is made will find focus slipping constantly with even the slightest tip of the camera.  To really get the effect from the lens, you need to have the subject dead center and you need to have something in the background that will really showcase the effects the lens creates.  For full lengths you’ll also need visual clutter in the foreground as well.  This is a very specific portrait lens, and all the complaints I’ve been reading about this Petzval so far has been because the lens won’t do everything the owner wants.  This isn’t that kind of lens.  It has one main purpose only.

My review will be a little ways off, but I hope to really give it a serious workout.

Sara • quick Petzval Lens test


Luke • Portrait Session

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I love that I get to meet such interesting people and it’s part of my job.

I got to know Luke because of a photograph I took of his wife years and years ago during an open house.  Back then, he got a hold me for a print of that image of his wife.  Years later, I met with his wife, Mary, to talk about a project of hers.  I could never flesh things out about that project, but when Mary decided that she wanted a portrait of Luke for Christmas last year, she said the only person she was comfortable with using was me.  Connecting the dots.


Heavy Weapon by David

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Fellow member David Desjardin self-published a graphic novel that is a tribute to 80′s action movies.  Pretty good with lots of 80′s references.  I was surprised to see my name in the credits twice. Once as an assistant editor (for helping him proof the GN as he was working on it) and also as one of the “Costa Rican Mercenaries”.

Very cool.

Pick it up in one of two editions on Amazon.



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