Interlude: Fuji Instax Printer


A few weeks ago I picked up a Fuji Instax printer.  It allows me to print mini-polaroids of images off my cell phone, or images I’ve uploaded/downloaded to my cell phone.  I picked one up because Fuji recently discontinued all of their instant pack-film, which I love.  I stocked my fridge up a few years ago of FP-3000B, the black and white instant film, when they ceased production of it.  The final nail in the fuji pack-film coffin was when they announced earlier this year that FP-100C, their color instant film, will stop being made.

So the Instax came the other day, and with my Fuji X100S I took a photo of my Fuji FP-3000B and through a Eyefi SD card sent the image to my Android phone which I then sent wirelessly to the Instax printer which made an instant print and I then took a picture of the print with my Android to upload to Instagram.

Which is interesting from a technology standpoint.  But it’s kinda dumb as well.  😉




Christ John Otto

Christ John Otto

Christ John Otto is an author and the founder of Belonging House.  He contacted me after seeing the work I’ve done with Ian Ethan Case and we’ve developed a friendship while preparing to work together.  Christ (rhymes with “wrist”) was looking to have some promotional photography created in the form of head shots for his website and upcoming books.  During our session, he let me play around a little bit and diverge away from our head shot session and take a little more freestyle approach.

Christ John Otto

Christ John Otto

For the image above, I slapped the Petzval lens on the front of the camera and took Christ into an empty studio next door to mine.  I love this look he is giving me here.  I love how the background gets kind of messy and circular because of the Petzval.  I don’t use the Petzval enough and have to remember to put it on the camera more often.

Then I tossed a prism in front of the lens and started picking up reflections and refractions.

Christ John Otto

I love when a client allows me to play a little bit during our session.  I’m usually very lighthearted during all my sessions, but the people that let me break out a little bit and try this and that hold a special place in my heart.

Christ John Otto

Christ is currently on a multi-month sabbatical in Scotland right now.  Color me jealous.  He told me before he left that he’s already anxious to hire me for another session, which is the best compliment in the world to get.

See you soon, Christ.  Make magic while in Scotland.  See you when you get back.



Fever Pitch • North Main Music

Fever Pitch (North Main Music)

Fever Pitch is an acapella group formed by students of North Main Music.  They needed some promotional photography that would be used on their website and for press releases for print, and Mike, the owner of North Main Music brought the gang by the studio one evening so we could create some photography for them.  Mike is a great guy, and I’m happy that he’s hired me in the past for some of their photography needs.

I wanted to do a simple session on white, so that they could crop or extended the images as needed for posters and other various sized print materials.

Mike grabbed a shot of me while I played human-jenga and positioned the group:


If you get a chance to check them out locally, catch them singing.  It’s good stuff.  And make sure you swing by North Main Music, especially if you are thinking about taking classes, or giving the gift of a class to someone important to you.


Interlude: Kaboom!


The Atari Video Computer System (also known as the VCS, and, in 1982 became more known as the Atari 2600) came out in 1977.  I might have been 5 or 6 when I first remember playing this at home.  I think my Father bought it around 1978, but I’m uncertain.  It had this faux-wood trim on it.  Every time I see old cars with that wood panelling it makes me hear Atari sounds in my head.  Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of my life involved with playing video games.  In the 90’s I became a hardcore console video game collector and even spent 10 years attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo – a trade show that showcases all the new games and consoles coming out to retail.

While helping my parents clean their attic a few weekends ago, I came across a box that was filled with with our original Atari VCS with about 40 or so game cartridges and various joysticks and paddle controllers.  And, amongst the games, was one of my all time favorites: Kaboom! with it’s bright purple shell staring at me from inside the box.

Kaboom! was a paddle game.  The mad bomber would drop his bombs and you had to catch them in the water buckets before they reached the ground and exploded.

Here is a video of the game being played.  Those sounds are burned into my brain.  Watching that video was like music to my ears.

Oh!  Look!  you can play it online in your browser! Yay!

I love stumbling across my old toys and stuff.  I’m guessing that Atari console will still work if I can figure out how to plug it into newer televisions.  My addictions started at an early age 🙂



Your friendly staff at Red River Theatres.

Red River Theatres • Headshots

I’m so happy to be working with the great people at Red River Theatres in Concord NH.  I’ve been hoping to work with them for a long time.  They were the awesome people who let me propose to Sara with my Muppet Proposal film.  Since then I’ve been trying to get my foot in the door.  And, recently, I’ve been working with them and I absolutely love it.  For all kinds of reasons.

We took some head shots for the employees of Red River for their new website.

The gentleman above, Barry Steelman, used to own Cinema 93, a video rental shop, in Concord.  Barry also taught a semester of film at the New Hampshire Institute of Art when I was a Senior.  He is a great guy and full of film knowledge.  He is RRT’s Programming Specialist.

Red River Theatres • Headshots

Shelly Hudson is the Executive Director of Red River.  She’s the one who makes all the awesome stuff happen.  And she’s really nice to boot.

More of RRT’s staff after the cut!