Luke • Portrait Session

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I love that I get to meet such interesting people and it’s part of my job.

I got to know Luke because of a photograph I took of his wife years and years ago during an open house.  Back then, he got a hold me for a print of that image of his wife.  Years later, I met with his wife, Mary, to talk about a project of hers.  I could never flesh things out about that project, but when Mary decided that she wanted a portrait of Luke for Christmas last year, she said the only person she was comfortable with using was me.  Connecting the dots.


Heavy Weapon by David

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Fellow member David Desjardin self-published a graphic novel that is a tribute to 80′s action movies.  Pretty good with lots of 80′s references.  I was surprised to see my name in the credits twice. Once as an assistant editor (for helping him proof the GN as he was working on it) and also as one of the “Costa Rican Mercenaries”.

Very cool.

Pick it up in one of two editions on Amazon.

Sherlock and Watson by Ian Derry

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Photographer Ian Derry‘s shot of Watson and Holmes is one of my favorite photographs of 2013. Just so simple and beautiful. Martin Freeman’s expression is flawless.

Daft Punk in da house. Well, kinda. Sorta.

Daft Punk

I love Daft Punk.  Love them.  I’ve been a fan since their fist album, “Homework” came out in 1997.  I was working music retail and I would play that album every chance I could while working.  Over the years I watched them develop into their “Robot” persona’s.  Their helmets and presence have always been really cool.  They aren’t the first musicians to hide behind helmets, but these guys have always just oozed coolness.  That is why when I discovered shortly before the release of their new album “Random Access Memories” that Japanese company S.H.Figuarts and Bandai were going to be releasing Daft Punk action figures after the new album came out.  I immediately jumped on Amazon and placed my pre-order for them.

Daft Punk



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Head shot

I’ve been working with a local business for a few years now.  Every so often they contact me to photograph a new employee or someone who has yet to have a head shot photographed in the style we’ve been working in.

For this particular client, they really like a black background with a little visual embellishment; in this case a grid spot shining on the background to create a round halo of light behind the subject.  I think it looks really fantastic in black & white.



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