This weeks Podcast is up!

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Episode 54!  Sid tells us about his very first experience as a vendor/seller at the Hollis Flea Market.   Recorded June 9th, 2014


Our Intro and Outro music provided by the amazingly awesome Michael Bellar & AS/IS Ensemble

More Petzval Playing

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A few more random shots I’ve been taking with the Lomography Petzval lens.  I’m really loving this thing.  It’s got a very unique way of shooting with it, but I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Sara @ Bensons


Lincoln sculpture @ St. Gaudens

Podcast Episode 53: Lightsabers and Lens flare.

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I must be better about posting my weekly Podcast here.

Here is this weeks episode 53!  Dave Seah tells us about some recent trips to some local BBQ joints.  Then, because it has started filming, we totally fall into talking about the new Star Wars movie.  Of course.  Recorded May 12th, 2014

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Our Intro and Outro music provided by the amazingly awesome Michael Bellar & AS/IS Ensemble

Michael Bellar & AS/IS Ensemble

Michael Bellar


I got the chance to make really good friendships with those that played at Studio 99 when it was open.  That music venue really brought in some damn talented, dedicated musicians to the Nashua area that wouldn’t otherwise play in the area.  It’s a darn shame that Studio 99 isn’t around any longer, and the entirety of culture in Nashua is suffering because of it.

Over the years I’ve developed a friendship with Michael Bellar and the boys of the AS/IS Ensemble.  I’ve shot them a few times now.  I took some images for Michael the last time they played in Nashua for their upcoming album.  The album is still being prepared, but I wanted to share some of these with you all.

Michael Bellar & As/Is Ensemble

It’s become something that everyone says about musicians they work with, but these guys are legitimately good.  More than that, they are tight as a unit, and watching them perform live is simply incredible.  Michael kind of just oozes into his keyboard and piano and doesn’t so much play it as just ooze all over the keys; watching his head move to the rhythms he’s creating, and simply just knowing when to hand things over, or reel it back, or ramp it up.  They all perform music on a whole different level.  It’s really quite something to witness.

Michael is based out of NYC.  If you are near that area, please do whatever you can to see him live.  He’s the real deal.  His music is unique and he has a sound all his own, and the talent that he plays with is just as accomplished and awesome.  I miss seeing them perform live in Nashua.  I might have to move closer to NYC just so I can see them more often.

More images of the band after the cut CONTINUE READING…


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The Portable Portrait Workshop 2014 Dates

Like a Phoenix rising from the Ashes, the Portable Portrait workshop returns for 2014.

Dates for the workshop has just gone live! They are:

Saturday, MAY 17th, 1pm


Saturday, JULY 26th, 1pm

Saturday, SEPTEMBER 20th, 1pm

Saturday, OCTOBER 4th, 1pm

All dates held at Sid Ceaser Photography Studios, Nashua NH.

Workshop starts at 1pm and goes until we fall down dead! We’ve had workshops to until midnight in the past.

Workshop price: $275.

There will be a special “Alumni” date on June 21st.

If you have taken the workshop in previous years and wish to take it again, please email me to reserve your spot on that special date at a special price!


Visit for all the info!

To see examples from previous Portable Portrait workshops, CLICK HERE


Portable Portrait: 10.22.11 BTS