Tripletts of Belleville Movie & Live Concert

So, this is one of the cooler things I’ve ever attended. I’m a big fan of the foreign animated film “The Triplettes of Belleville“, so back in July when Benoit Charest and his 9-piece Le Terrible Orchestre de Belleville band decided to tour with screenings of the film doing all the music and foley and some sound effects live, I jumped at the chance to see it. It was pretty amazing. Benoit and his company played instruments, they played an upside down bicycle, they played a vacuum cleaner and a newspaper and…it was outstanding. They did foley work and they did voices and they did music and it was simply out of this world.



Tim Paul Weiner

Tim Paul Weiner

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tim Paul Weiner.

Tim is a bass player, employee of Berklee College of Music, and member of HOT MESS.  Remember them?  We also have a mutual friend, Elise MacDonald, former owner of Studio 99, who introduced us.  Tim liked working with me when we created some images for Hot Mess, so he booked a solo session with me.  He needed images for a revamped website.  I love working with musicians, and with Tim, it was so easy since we had already worked on the Hot Mess session together.

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Happy 30 Years, Designer’s Republic!

A quick “Happy Anniversary” to graphic design company, DESIGNERS REPUBLIC.

30 years.  That seems crazy.  I first got into DR when they did the design for the Playstation video game “WipeOut”, especially “Wipeout XL” for the Playstation 1 video game system.  Good old 1996.  The days of chunky, blocky, polygon graphics.

At that exact same time, I was also getting heavily into electronic music, and it just so happened that Wipeout XL featured electronic music by some of the very artists I was getting into from the Astralwerks label.

I loved DR’s thick lines and fat fonts and very fluid and geometric shapes for everything.  It made me think of Blade Runner.  Looking at it today, it’s still good stuff.  I keep wondering what a game like Destiny would look like if it had the Designers Republic behind their weapon logos and stuff.

But, yeah, 30 years.  Time to dig out the Wipeout XL soundtrack and play some electronica.  I would love to see a new Wipeout game on something like the Playstation 4.  It would be incredible.

Happy Aniversary, Designers Republic.  Keep being awesome.


Old Concert Tickets


While going through some cd’s a while back, I stumbled across some of my old concert tickets, including the first two “real” shows I ever attended: Peter Gabriel at the Worcester Centrum in 1993, and Yanni a month later at Great Woods in MA.

Yeah.   Yanni.  It was a graduation present from my buddy Todd’s parents.  Don’t judge me.

Also pictured: Toad the Wet Sprocket from 1994 in Strawberry Banke in Virginia (I lived a few years down south after graduating high school), and Tori Amos from 1996 at the Wang Center.  The bottom ticket was for Toad for a special pre-release concert for “Coil” at the Avalon Ballroom in Boston.  Working for Newbury Comics back then had it’s privileges.

I love Toad.  The two acts I’ve seen live more than any other are Tori Amos and Toad the Wet Sprocket.  Dozens for both.  If you include seeing Toad’s frontman Glen Phillips solo, then Toad/Glen beats out Tori.

I used to have a ticket stub for the Spice Girls as well, but it was lost.  Yeah.  Spice Girls.  I worked at Newbury Comics when Spice World was released and got some complimentary tickets.  It was right after Ginger Spice left the band, which sucked, ‘cuz Ginger was my favorite.  It was a really weird concert.

I used to save concert and movie ticket stubs in a big container, but it got wrecked and most of them were lost during a move about a decade ago.  Good memories though.  Except Spice Girls.  That was some weird shit.

What ticket stubs do YOU still have?  Share!


Hippo Best Of 2016 • Portraits

Hippo Best Of 2016

I’ve been working with The Hippo for years now.  It makes me happy when each year they reach out to me to photograph for their glossy “Best Of” magazine.   Hippo’s Best Of asks readers each year to tell them all of their favorite places and businesses in Southern New Hampshire.  In the past, when the magazine focused more on personalities, I was proud to have my name mentioned five years in a row.  The last few years however, the magazine has restructured it’s format and is now more of a “travel guide” to help visitors locate new places that they might not have heard of before.

For 2016, I wanted to make sure I took portraits of the people who ran the venues I was assigned to photograph, and I wanted to share some of those people in this post.

Stephanie • True Brew Barista

Stephanie • Owner: Tru Brew Barista, Concord NH

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