Playstation Clock

tick tock, tick tock

A little while ago I went through a “turn-it-into-a-clock” phase. Darkroom timer? Make it a clock.  Vinyl record? Make it a clock. Old Playstation console? Yup. Let’s make it a lock.

I now have no problems knowing what time it is in the studio as I’m surrounded by make-shift clocks.

I thought the red hands were a nice touch in my honest opinion. 🙂


Cosplay Saves The World • Hippo March 1 2018

I’ve read and collected comic books my entire life.  I pretty much learned to read when I was a tiny person by trying to figure out words in the balloons on comic pages.  There is a special place in my heart for characters like Green Lantern and Green Arrow and Airwave and Iron Man and many, many, many more.  So many.

When the Hippo phoned me up asking if I would photograph some local cosplayers for a cover story I practically jumped through the phone with an excited YES!  The paper scheduled four cosplayers to come by the studio one evening so we could make some images that would be featured on the cover as well as serve as the main story for that issue. Read more after the cut: CONTINUE READING…

Random Access Memories

Daft Punk

Spent some time with my Daft Punk action figures and some small LED christmas lights.

I recently picked up their album “Random Access Memories” on vinyl.  I have the cd, but the vinyl release sounds so much warmer.

Josh & Owen

Owen & Josh

Josh and Owen are brothers.  They are into anime and games and the same kinds of stuff that I love.  They both wanted some headshots to use as they both approach graduating from high school.  Josh (the older brother) wants to get into anime voice acting.  How cool is that?

They both came up with their mom Amy from Massachusetts and we spent the morning making headshots and talking about all the pop-culture stuff I have hanging on the walls here at the studio.  Before they left we got a shot of the two of them together (above)






Both of these guys were great.  We hung a bit to help them relax, but they both photographed fantastically, and I know they were both happy.  Mom even emailed me towards the end of the year to let me know Owen was already saving up for another session down the road.

I can make you look just as good.  I love making clean, clear, crisp headshots.  Consider hiring me if you happen to read this and are thinking about it.  At least come visit me at the studio so we can chat a bit.  That’s free 🙂



Do You Remember When…

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