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The rug totally pulls my gear together.

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Holdfast Gear shares MoneyMaker review

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HoldFast Review Blog

I’ve developed a little bit of an internet friendship with Holdfast owner Matt.  He’s been awesome every time I’ve emailed him and the dude called me by name as I approached him last year at the PhotoPlus expo.  Knowing who I am as I walk up to you?  Well, that goes a long way with me.

He came across my review I did of the MoneyMaker leather strap a while back, and asked if he could put that review up on his website.  Absolutely.

I love his gear. I wish I could afford some of the other stuff that he makes because it’s gorgeous.  Hopefully some day I can pick up a few other things.

If you don’t know of his gear, take a spin over to his website.  It’s good stuff.

Obsessed with Squares

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Some new, smaller, square business cards that I’ve been handing out.

Over the years I’ve hopped around with logos and watermarks and design stuff.  But this square is something I finally stand behind 100%.  It is simple, easy and it can be used for all kinds of things; leather stamps, stickers, business cards, envelope stamps, watermarks – all sorts of branding.

It’s taken a while to refine it down to this simple shape and font.  I dig it.


Criterion Designs

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I’ve been a fan of the Criterion Collection since their days of releasing movies on Laserdisc (remember those?!)

One of the things I love about them is their attention to design for their cases.  Their artwork is beautiful and they really spend quality time creating new art for the movies they release.

Luckily, they released their first book: Criterion Designs.  It’s a GORGEOUS hardcover coffee table-style book chock full of artwork from their releases, including alternate designs and all kinds of great behind-the-scenes stuff.  Even the cover is awesome with a cut-out “C” that shows the page underneath.

If you are into packaging design and love what Criterion does, then you should absolutely get this.  It’s really beautiful.  I hope they make a second volume to showcase some of the stuff that didn’t make it into this collection.

You can pick up the Criterion Designs book on Amazon



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I’m obsessed with leather stamps.  I picked one up a while back from a company called TuffCase.  I wanted something to stamp my excellently awesome Holdfast MoneyMaker leather camera strap.

Anyway, I just got a nice leather-style cell-phone case, and it was begging to be stamped!

Branding for the win!