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On top of my love for music photography and portraits, I also spend a good deal of time working on personal photography projects centered about things that are important to me throughout my life. I’ve been neglecting my more personal photography work for a while now, and I’m hoping that I can correct that, and reintroduce my personal work to a new audience.  There are links available on my fine art website HERE.

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Jane Button

Jane • Headshots

I don’t remember how long I’ve known photographer Jane Button.  It seems like forever.  I know she was around when I was in college, so that makes it at least 14 or so years.  I’ve always thought she was adorable, and I’m always making stupid “cute as a button” comments because of her last name, but I love being around Jane.  She’s a theater actor and she’s always so friendly and I just enjoy her.

She’s branching out to spend more time being a professional photographer and she hired me to create some head shots that would go on her new website and various online purposes.

Jane • Headshots

Jane • Headshots

Thanks, Jane.

Cute as a Button.

Film Facts

Kodak Film Flyer

Sara and I were in an antique store, an I came across this little 3 1/2 x 6 inch flyer for old Kodak film.  It was only $1, so I jumped all over it and I brought it home with me and scanned the front into the computer.  At some point, I’ll make a large print of it and hang it on my wall.

Film is not dead.  Believe in film.



High School Senior Portraits: Christian


Christian is the brother of Teresa, whom I’ve photographed in the past and has been a friend for many years.  The Santoski family was very happy with the photographs of Teresa I created, so when time came for Christian to have his high school senior yearbook/portraits created, they came to me.  Which is awesome.



More portraits and more words after the cut:


Thanks, Shutterbug!

Shutterbug • 2015


Shutterbug gave me a little mention and talked about how inspirational my “Inspiration” video was (featuring Muppet Sid) that I made for DEDPXL.

Thanks, guys!