Rosemarie Headshot

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Rosemarie • Head Shot

This is Rosemarie.  When I was a little kid, she lived right across the street from me.  She probably saw me running across the front yard at times, enacting my favorite scenes from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” or “Predator” and she very probably thought I was insane.  Good times, growing up.

She reconnected with me and she needed a new headshot for her new position at a new company.  The bonus was that we got to catch up on the last 20-something years.  That’s crazy.  Crazy.

Rosemarie • Head Shot

Never in a million years would I ever expect to be taking a headshot of the woman that used to be my neighbor when I was a kid.

Life is kinda funny that way.


I’d Like To Thank the Academy. . .

Oscar Event • Red River Theatres

I love movies.  Love.  I’d tell you how many Laserdiscs, DVDs and Blu-ray’s I own but you might call me insane, so I won’t.  But I love movies.  Since I was a kid.

I’ve been trying to work with Red River Theatres more.  You might know them as Concord’s awesome independent cinema.  You might also know them as the awesomesauce theatre that helped me propose to Sara.  How can I not want to work with them?  They show movies and they helped me show my own little proposal trailer?  They rule.

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The Daly Family Returns!

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Occasionally sequels are pretty cool.  Empire Strikes Back.  Aliens.  Lethal Weapon 2.  This list also includes the return of Tom and Erin Daly.

They came to me in 2012 for some maternity portraits.  I love the daring individuals who see work on my website, although not quite their specific type of photography, and contact me asking what I could do in my style for them.

So Tom and Erin got together with me in 2012 and we did some location work and some studio portraits.

I give Erin and Tom big kudos, because they let me come up with this:

Erin, Tom & Grace


(Tom, Erin & Grace, 2012)

I still love this image.  I think when I was explaining how I wanted to set up the shot they were skeptical, but I think once they saw the image it sold them.

That’s Grace there in her belly.  Ready to burst upon the world.

Cut to 2015, and Tom and Erin and now Grace contacted me to let me know they’ll be having a new addition to their family, and they wanted to get together, this time with Grace, and take some new family maternity portraits.


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Location Portrait.

Student head shots

I’ve been working this year with a local college doing assignment photography and head shots for students for their online and print marketing and stuff.

This was taken in the college library.  I love the rows of books and the color of this image.  He’s a pretty handsome guy too, which doesn’t hurt.

For the gear-heads who might be reading, this was taken with my 135mm f/2L lens.  My favorite lens ever!

The Donchess Family

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Donchess • Family Portraits

I don’t shoot families often.  It isn’t because I don’t want too – it’s just that I spent most of my time trying to push my band/musician work and my head shot work.  But I still shoot family sessions and high school senior portraits and other things when asked.

This is he Donchess family.  Jim, the father, used to be Mayor of Nashua in the 80’s and early 90’s.  Just recently he’s tossed his hat back into the Mayoral race for 2016.

Jim’s wife Vicki contacted me after seeing some of the Chef portraits I did for the Farmer’s Dinner last year.  Their Daughter, Caroline, recently replanted herself to California with her new husband.  Everyone was together for Christmas, so we lined up a session a few days after Christmas 2014.

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