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Andrew Ryder

I met Andrew a long time ago when we where having creative meetings at my studio with a group called the Collective.  The meetings died off and time went on and Andrew resurfaced locally again and was looking for some photographs that he could use online for various social media uses.  So we got together to catch up and create some new stuff for him.  We also pulled him on to our Podcast to chat a bit with him about his background and stuff.

Check out some more images after the cut:


It’s-a me! Mario!

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I used to heavily be into collecting video games.  Hardcore.  It became an obsession.

Most of the collection is long gone now – sold off to younger more obsessive collectors, but some things, like my obsession with playing Dr. Mario, will never go away.

From the NES to SNES then to N64 and currently on the portable 3DS, I rotate colored pills, Tetris-style, to eliminate red, blue and yellow viruses.

In my brain, when I sleep, I still am playing Dr. Mario.  When I am gone, in my grave, I will still be playing Dr. Mario.  Forever.


Post Supper Cleaning.

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After supper comes taking a bath in front of the window.

Their own unique.

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Head Shot

I started shooting head shots for this one client back around 2008 or so.  They started while I was working part-time at Cameraland, our local mom-and-pop camera shop, which is sadly no longer with us.  Every few years, the owner books a session for a new team member and he comes up to the studio so we can catch up.  I was shooting most head shots on black at the time, and he wanted something in the background to add a little something extra, so I tossed a gridded light aimed at the backdrop and we were golden.

It’s the only time I do this particular light setup, which I think is kinda cool.  It’s just their light – just their look.

Their company is based out of an airport hanger in Nashua.  I very badly hope they invite me over to see it.  It sounds awesome.


Live @ Riverwalk Cafe

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Some X100 shots taken at the Riverwalk Cafe during a performance by my friend Bryan’s buddies.  Gosh do I love this little camera.  It’s small enough to have on me at all times, and the image quality is fantastic.