Greeley Park Tree

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There is a giant bellowing tree at Greeley Park in Nashua that you can walk under.

The arms and branches fall all around you and create a canopy that hides you from anyone outside the tree.

It’s amazing and magical.  This was taken while standing under it looking up.


Rebecca Dixon • Headshot

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Rebecca • Headshot

Rebecca Dixon is the head of Great American Downtown in Nashua NH.  She’s into scooters and loves laughing and has a fantastic personality and a fantastic smile and presence.

I got the privilege to create a head shot for her that she’ll use for social media and promotion.

And when I say privilege, I mean it.  There is a wide, vast selection of photographers that someone can choose from.  When those people come to you because they love your work, it really means something.  It isn’t because they are obligated too.  I cherish every single person that selects my services from all the others that are available.  Choose the service that best fits your needs and you think looks the most awesome.

Visit Rebecca through her website.  Attend the incredible things she organizes for Downtown Nashua.  She rocks.

Finding Vivian Maier

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I missed the documentary “Finding Vivian Maier” when it had very limited theatrical release.  It just came out a while ago on DVD, and I anxiously snapped it up off Amazon.

It’s so good.  Watching someone discover the negatives of an unknown photographer and then what seems like overnight turning this photographer into a world renowned street photographer is amazing.  People are on both sides as to wether Vivian would have wanted this kind of attention, but her images are incredible.  Her story is crazy to watch unfold, and I for one and glad that her work was presented to the world.  A beautiful, crazy, detective-like documentary about a seclusive photographer and her amazing body of work.  Definitely check it out.  Pick it up on Amazon (woah!  for only $14!! what a steal!) Highly recommended.

Trailer below.


My #1 piece of advice when shooting in a studio:

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Have the subject step further away from the backdrop.

I see it over and over and over again.  Subject’s too close.  It picks up the wrinkles in the fabric, or the paper, or whatever.  It tosses shadows on the backdrop.

You can eliminate most of these issues by simply having the subject take four more steps than where you would normally put them.  If they seem close to the backdrop, they are.  Move ‘em away from there.  Get them in a free space, away from the backdrop.

Hana Kahn

Hana Kahn

I met musician/photographer/blogger Hana Kahn through my friend/photographer Kathleen Frank who recently moved to NH from Florida.  We’ve been itching to get together and mess around and spend the afternoon making photographs, and, finally one lovely August afternoon we made it happen. CONTINUE READING…