I’m a recovering video game junkie.  It started with an Atari 2600 that my father bought when it was released, and it’s all been downhill since then.  In my 20’s, I was a hardcore gamer and game collector.  I did 10 years of attending the Electronics Entertainment Expo out in Los Angeles (when I started going, it was still held in Atlanta!).  Throughout all the games I’ve played and bought and collected and obsessed over,  I’ve always been a big fan of importing Street Fighter 2D fighting games.

But more than that is my obsession with import video game arcade posters. CONTINUE READING…

Shelly Hudson

Shelly Hudson • Headshots

Shelly Hudson is doing some awesome stuff.  She’s the Executive Director of Red River Theatres.  She’s an actor and a director.  She directs stage plays.  She’s creating a new theater company in the Concord NH area.  She loves movies, and talking about movies, and I love being around her.

Shelly needed a new head shot and we got together at the studio, talked a whole bunch about Mad Max and the Oscars and Academy Awards, and had a bunch of laughs while doing it.

See a few more images from our session together on my Flickr feed HERE.

Interlude: Music


Musical interlude this week.  This is me giving you permission to walk over and put a song on.  Put on a song that means something to you.  Take the next five minutes, key up a song, close your eyes and feel it.  Let it move you.  Remember something that happened in your past when that song was on.  Allow it to trigger something inside of you.

Right now I’m playing Dave Brubeck’s song “Take Five“.  It’s so freaking good.  It’s moving me.

Turn it up and play it loud and give yourself up for the next five minutes to the power of music.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask: Jonatha Brooke

Jonatha Brooke

I can’t even explain to you how amazing it is that I made this photograph.  This is Jonatha Brooke.  She is one of my all time favorite musicians.  She, along with musician Jennifer Kimball, formed the band THE STORY in the 199o’s.  I’ve been a fan of Jonatha’s since then.  A little while back, I got to make a portrait of her.

How?  Simply because I asked.

Read about it after the cut: CONTINUE READING…

Picker Collaborative Artists: we need your help!


I’m happy to share that I’ll be moving into a new creative home with a whole group of creatives from the Picker Building. Located almost across the street from where my photography studio has been for 13 years, 3 Pine Street is still in Nashua’s historic mill yard area, located right off the Broad Street Parkway. We’ve named ourselves the PICKER COLLABORATIVE ARTISTS.

But now comes the challenge: we have a TON of work to do to the building before we can move in on October 1st. We need your help.

The group is seeking electricians, carpenters and plumbers who may be willing to assist with the build out at cost or pro-bono. We’ll need extra hands to help us build and move into what we are hoping will turn into the next hub for Nashua’s creative core and community.

If anyone has any contractors, electricians, carpenters and plumbers they would recommend, please contact me with their information so I may share them with the head of the Picker Collaborative Artists group.

This is really exciting, but we need help to make it a reality.